No show, no business I suppose
Fri Dec 29, 2017 17:15

Bryn couldn’t say he was scared of many people. Perhaps his mother, when brandishing a spoon, and occasionally Professor Blair. Scratch that, Professor Blair always scared him. And so it was when Rose had a face to match the threatening words that came out of her mouth that Bryn found a third person that he most definitely was scared of, to a certain extent. He imagined that as long as he stayed on Rose’s good side that he would never have to be on the receiving end of such a look. At least, that’s what he hoped.

The Draco had never personally been around Danny Dubois, although like most he knew what group he hung with. It seemed unusual that there would be infighting among that crowd considering how close knit they were. Really, you sort of never saw at least one without another. Or at least that’s how it appeared to Bryn, but the fourth-year didn’t pay that much attention to other years. The source of it had been Rose’s younger brother and so the Nord put two and two together. Mess with the brother and you get the older sister.

Mental note to self, don’t mess with Dade Farnon. Or any Farnon for that matter. It seemed like a safe bet, regardless of how Rose felt about the rest of her family.

Rose’s reasoning for holding off on retaliating for her brother seemed sound enough. It was like something Norah would do, if given the chance. In his opinion, Norah was much more terrifying, but that was potentially just because she was his sister. Also because his mother loved the girl more. Either way, it was a lose-lose situation for Bryn. The Draco nodded though, trying not to seem overly interested in whatever was going to go on there. Pranks and revenge were not his territory.

It was astounding, the rate at which Rose’s expression changed. Bryn had to blink a couple times to catch up and breathe for a second to reassure himself that those looks were not for him. It took him a solid second to remember how to not stare in an awkward way before he answered. “Brynjolf,” he said, flushing bright red from embarrassment for staring and also for not introducing himself. His manners were atrocious sometimes, but it only made sense that Rose didn’t know who he was. After all, he had just moved up into their year class. “But most people call me Bryn, it’s a bit easier.”

  • Rose didn’t have time to feel smug about the compliment about the party (she knew it was brilliant but it didn’t hurt to hear it from somebody else) because out of the corner of her eye she saw her... more
    • No show, no business I suppose - Bryn, Fri Dec 29 17:15
      • No business is good business - Rose, Tue Jan 2 17:51
        Oh right, Bryn. Or apparently fully, ‘Brynjolf’. Rose mentally stored that on her list of really stupid names that people had given their kids. Brynjolf. What, was he some sort of Viking? No wonder... more
        • It really didn’t surprise Bryn that Rose didn’t remember his name or his face for that matter. Really, he might have been more freaked out if she did know who he was. Outside of the four classes that ... more
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