Hunter Ioma
Pooling Our Resources
Sun Jan 22, 2017 17:44

“We can start small if you’d like, just to see how it goes?”

Darn. Either she was being nicer to a little kid than any older kid had any right to be, or she was on to him. But he had his sweet and innocent face on, how could she suspect? He had to assume she did though, if he didn’t want to get hustled himself. The games he had watched seemed casual and he was pretty sure he could win… but if there was more of a rivalry between her and the other guy than it looked like maybe the older girl wasn’t showing off all her stuff just yet. So… lower stakes would probably be smart.

Keeping up the cute little kid act, Hunter took the stick from the older girl (whom he think he recognized from the Lyra common room, though he couldn’t for his life remember if he’d ever caught her name) and put just one of the galleons on the table and stuffed the others, along with the money pouch, back in his pocket.

Then Hunter very nearly made to reach for the rack before stopping himself. If it looked like he knew what he was doing he’d be found out for sure. But if he kept playing dumb after the older kids knew he could play, he’d either not be allowed to play any more or maybe even get beaten up. After another moment of consideration he reversed the severity of the two outcomes. He was pretty springy, even for a little kid, and didn’t really mind getting beaten up. If things got real bad he knew a few tricks, anyway. But he wasn’t sure if he’d have much luck convincing younger kids to play for any worthwhile stakes so he didn’t want to lose the chance to do so.

But… no reward without risk, right? Hunter turned his aborted move towards the rack into a stumble over his stick. Yeah, that oughta help sell it. He grinned and let out a nervous laugh, then pointed at the rack. “We uh… we set it up by putting the balls in that triangle, yeah? Do they have to be a specific order, or anything?”

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    • Pooling Our Resources - Hunter Ioma, Sun Jan 22 17:44
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