Maybe a little
Tue Jan 2, 2018 14:17

Alena had heard the Ramsey name before, she wasnt sure where but she knew it was an important one so she was probably not supposed to be rude to Nolan Ramsey. Alena didnt like being rude to anyone but sometimes her inability to communicate with people, her great affliction to the company of strangers and the knots in her stomach that demand she hide from these social occasions, all added up to her coming across quite rude. Therefore it helped to know who she had to work extra hard to appear nice to, Nolan Ramsey was clearly one of those people. Thus, she regretted her earlier behaviour even more after hearing his name. She clumsily accepted his handshake, all the while worrying that her palms might be sweaty and a little shaky. She was glad when the action was completed.

That he was a transfer was a welcome piece of information. As a transfer he was less likely to know how stupid and weird she was, how few friends she had. She knew she should see this as an opportunity to present an alternate side of herself but Alena suspected shed fail at that. So hopefully, he didnt mind dim little girls with a tendy to blush and stumble through conversations. Sadly, that was all she could offer him. Alena was, she knew, deeply uninteresting. Nolan, however struck her as an interesting sort already. She smiled at him again, this time a genuine smile, flashing her teeth in anxious excitement at the prospect of an acquaintance. You can stay, I dont mind, a poor conversationalist she immediately went down the line of generic questioning, Do you like RMI, is it nicer than your old school?

Nolan, on the other hand, immediately hit Alena with a sensitive line of questioning, despite feeling increasingly self conscious she tried to appear unaffected adopting a joking tone, Ive have not found anyone that interesting yet but I suppose I can settle for you.

She tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear, still feeling a little jittery but not as nervous as earlier, I was hoping my friend, Darlene might come, but Im not sure she really likes this kind of thing, she admitted with a hint of embarrassment,so I think it will just be me.

  • I hope I had something to do with that - Nolan, Wed Nov 29 13:25
    For a second he thought the girl was going to tell him to buzz off. Nolan decided after a moment of thinking that thatd be pretty unfair of her. Like, yeah, she did look a little busy reading her... more
    • Maybe a little - Alena, Tue Jan 2 14:17
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