No business is good business
Tue Jan 2, 2018 17:51

Oh right, Bryn. Or apparently fully, ‘Brynjolf’. Rose mentally stored that on her list of really stupid names that people had given their kids. Brynjolf. What, was he some sort of Viking? No wonder he shortened it to Bryn, even if the nickname sounded pretty girly. Anyway, the kid was in most of her classes - everything but Arithmancy, and there was almost nobody in Arithmancy. Rose, Holland, Ruben, Jessica, Steven, and some fourth-year girl whose name she could never remember. Oh right, and Rampant Bitch, but she tried not to think about that. As if she hadn’t already had enough classes with Camilla Baird, Rose had switched into Ancient Runes this term after hearing so many cool things about it from Holland. It was a really interesting class, but that meant that she shared almost all her classes with the girl who had made Marissa so upset last semester. And there was only so many times she could quietly jinx something of Camilla’s to make her trip, or to make ink spill all over her. Camilla already treated Rose like she was suspicious of her and the last thing Rose needed was for Camilla to find out that it had been Rose, not Ruben, who punched her last term.

Well. Ruben had helped. Before Ruben was terrible.

“Yeah sorry, didn’t remember the name. I know we’ve probably worked together but I’m a faces person.” That was a lie. Well, Rose wasn’t exactly not a faces person, it was just that she could also remember names with relative ease. Or at least, Rose could do that when she actually cared about the person in question. This Bryn kid was about as interesting as drying paint, aside from the bizarro Viking name. “So uh,” Rose felt awkward, like she was supposed to say something, except the kid had barely said anything to her. “Where are you from? That’s a bit of an unusual name.” Maybe he actually was a Viking.

Rose imagined Bryn in a massive Viking cap, horns and all, and mentally sniggered. For someone with a Viking name, Bryn was awfully skinny. At least in the common memory, Vikings were large and bulky men, often with braided beards and axes. The only person at RMI Rose could reasonably imagine with an axe was Ruben. She paused for a second to imagine Ruben as a Viking, and decided that the image fit well enough. But Ruben was definitely not Bryn, and Bryn was definitely not suited to be a Viking.

  • No show, no business I suppose - Bryn, Fri Dec 29 17:15
    Bryn couldn’t say he was scared of many people. Perhaps his mother, when brandishing a spoon, and occasionally Professor Blair. Scratch that, Professor Blair always scared him. And so it was when... more
    • No business is good business - Rose, Tue Jan 2 17:51
      • It really didn’t surprise Bryn that Rose didn’t remember his name or his face for that matter. Really, he might have been more freaked out if she did know who he was. Outside of the four classes that ... more
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