Keith Allen
Saturday Morning Swim
Tue Jan 23, 2018 20:35

The first week of classes were over, and while Keith Allen could say he knew most of the first through third years by sight, he couldn’t actually say he knew all their names. He remembered the names of his partners and his roommate of course but not everyone. Today though after another letter home to Dad Keith decided to give his mind a break and off to the Rec Center he went.

The chubby blonde wore his swim trunks, a light grey shirt, and flip flops just in case he worked up the courage to actually go swimming. His mom had always said once he hit a growth spurt the baby fat would fall away but he was still waiting. Of course, he was only eleven, but even he was ready to be tall and thin like Dad already!

When he arrived at the Rec Center it was empty, not surprising it was only eight on Saturday, most people were still sleeping. Keith walked over to the pool kicked off his flip-flops and sat down on the edge of the pool. The strawberry blonde wasn’t super eager to jump into a cold pool so he figured feet in first would be the best way of going about it. Keith was happy to find out the pool was warmed.

The Draco leaned back on his arms and casually kicked his feet in the water. The first week at RMI had gone by quickly, and Keith felt like his brain was exploding. The fact that magic was real and Keith was able to do it was fantastic. The first year definitely like potions best. In fact, Keith was lost in remembering the ingredients of a potion and how to correctly chop and put stuff into the potion when he heard someone behind him.

Keith opened his hazel eyes and turned back to the person. “Good morning, did you say something?” He asked with a smile.

    • How's the water? - Leon Finnin, Fri Jan 26 01:45
      The Cetus boy needed a break from the week he had. Nothing seemed to go right, but this place did have a pool, and Leon loved to swim. He did it every chance he got it was nice to get away from the... more
      • Warmish - Keith, Wed Jan 31 21:13
        Keith looked up at the other boy and recognized him as a classmate, oh yeah he was the kid who had freaked out in their first Spellwork class. The Draco wasn’t sure what had happened to the kid to... more
        • Cool, I'll jump in. - Leon, Tue Feb 6 21:55
          Leon turned bright red before taking a seat next to Keith. He looked at the slightly pudgy strawberry blonde before taking off his brother’s too big for him hand me down shirt and dipping his legs in ... more
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