Leon Finnin
How's the water?
Fri Jan 26, 2018 01:45

The Cetus boy needed a break from the week he had. Nothing seemed to go right, but this place did have a pool, and Leon loved to swim. He did it every chance he got it was nice to get away from the gravity of earth's pull even for a little bit, by swimming in a pool of water. Back when he had friends, they would play games too, mostly diving games, or marco polo, but they were all fun. Now it really was just him, by himself. Luckily his mom had sent his stuff to him, so he was able to put on his flip flops, his trunks, and a too big for him T-shirt to actually go swimming.

He smiled to himself thinking of a diving game or two he can play by himself with a coin, or anything that sank really. Now that he thought about it, the blonde didn’t like being in water as being submerged by it. The way that it distorts and drowns out the world, it’s almost as if it was a sanctuary in this world to escape to.

As he got into the rec center the skinny blonde kid saw another boy sitting on the edge of the pool with his shirt on. He seemed to be alone, and Leon couldn’t tell how old the strawberry blonde boy was from looking at his back. The Cetus thought he may have seen the boy in some of his classes, but that only meant that he was under 14 years old. He just so happened to be right by the pool. Leon had to be polite, so he decided to start up a conversation as he approached.

“So… uh… how’s the water?” He said to the stranger. The boy turned back at Leon as asked a question to which the skinny boy responded “How’s the water?”

Leon squatted next to the boy, he had to be around the blonde’s age. He didn’t look 13 or 14 yet for sure. Leon tested the water with his hand, took off his flip flops and shirt and waited for an answer. Though Leon didn't care if it was cold, the stranger's answer would dictate if he would jump or wade in.

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    • How's the water? - Leon Finnin, Fri Jan 26 01:45
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