Wed Jan 31, 2018 21:13

Keith looked up at the other boy and recognized him as a classmate, oh yeah he was the kid who had freaked out in their first Spellwork class. The Draco wasnt sure what had happened to the kid to cause him to cry, but Keith had remembered Professor McKindy talking to a few moments while Dade and he had worked on getting both of their wands to light up. The other boy had asked the blonde a question about the water. Oh, the water is warm feels kinda like a swimming pool thats been in the sun all day.

Keith was going to go back to his thoughts, but he figured he should get to know his fellow classmates after all it looked like they were all going to be stuck together for at least the next seven years. Im Keith, by the way. Im in Draco house - a first year. he figured he would just give all that information up front it seemed to save a few moments of trying to place people.

Forgetting the manners his mother had tried to instill in him since the day he could talk the Draco said. So why were you crying in spellwork the other day? When the words stumbled out Keith clasped a hand over his mouth. Oh my gosh, Im so sorry that was super rude. The eleven-year-old turned bright red and looked around hoping no one had heard him.

In a rush of words, Keith said. You dont have to answer its none of my business. Really. Im sorry. Keith debated on just slipping into the pool and not surfacing until the other kid disappeared but then he would still have to face the boy in classes and what if god forbid they were partners?

  • How's the water? - Leon Finnin, Fri Jan 26 01:45
    The Cetus boy needed a break from the week he had. Nothing seemed to go right, but this place did have a pool, and Leon loved to swim. He did it every chance he got it was nice to get away from the... more
    • Warmish - Keith, Wed Jan 31 21:13
      • Cool, I'll jump in. - Leon, Tue Feb 6 21:55
        Leon turned bright red before taking a seat next to Keith. He looked at the slightly pudgy strawberry blonde before taking off his brothers too big for him hand me down shirt and dipping his legs in ... more
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