Cool, I'll jump in.
Tue Feb 6, 2018 21:55

Leon turned bright red before taking a seat next to Keith. He looked at the slightly pudgy strawberry blonde before taking off his brother’s too big for him hand me down shirt and dipping his legs in the pool. “My name is Leon, and… I guess I will answer your question, partially anyways.” He took a moment to gather his thoughts then the Cetus turned to the Draco with a slightly fierce look to his eyes. “Spiders!” Leon said in as sinister of a voice as the eleven-year-old could manage. The skinny boy then burst out laughing kicking the water up a bit, Keith was right it was warm.

“No, but seriously, I have a fear of spiders, and my partner had a tarantula in class… need I say more?” Leon turned to Keith and smiled, “It’s all taken care of for now… I just need some time in my happy place… which I’ve yet to find here yet so… this pool will have to do.”

At this the boy pushed himself off the wall and into the pool, then stood in the shallow water that came up to his chin. The water pushed his blonde hair into messy curls that framed his face. His silvered scar across the bridge of his nose seemed to glisten a bit more now that it was wet, making it more noticable.

“So, did you wanna sit and talk, or swim? ‘Cause I would much rather do the second of those two things.” Leon half jumped and grabbed onto the wall by Keith. “If you wish to continue asking questions, I wish you to offer you a proposition. For every question I answer you have to answer one… Okay?”

Leon smiled as he pushed off the wall and began a back stroke before sinking into the water and emerging again. It was so nice to be in his element. Maybe he would have a new friend after this was all done. Maybe the kid would just leave, who cared, all that mattered was the fact that the Cetus could swim at last. He bobbed a bit going into deeper water before starting to tread.

“Oh, and if either of us refuse a question, one lap? Or something equivalent? I don’t know, just spit balling here.” Leon’s blue eyes locked with the Draco, slightly mischievously before allowing him to answer, “Since you already asked your question, I’ll go. What do you think of Magic? Like this whole thing?”

  • Warmish - Keith, Wed Jan 31 21:13
    Keith looked up at the other boy and recognized him as a classmate, oh yeah he was the kid who had freaked out in their first Spellwork class. The Draco wasn’t sure what had happened to the kid to... more
    • Cool, I'll jump in. - Leon, Tue Feb 6 21:55
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