I Guess That Makes Me Pretty Rare, Huh
Tue Jan 24, 2017 15:21

As Stella felt the girl's sharp nails dig into her shoulder and push her back onto the floor, she couldn't help but let out a small giggle, and soon she completely broke character and started to laugh loudly. Her shoulders hurt, sure, and she wasn't sure whether or not the girl had broken the skin, but the fact that she took the girl by surprise was more hilarious than anything at that moment. Tears forming in her eyes, either from laughing too much or from physical pain, she stared back at the girl who seemed to be glaring at her, as if she were trying to pierce Stella with her cold eyes.

“I can assure you, you will definitely not be ‘alright’.” The girl snarled through perfectly white, gritted teeth, her pretty composure broken by angrily furrowed eyebrows and a wrinkled nose.

Stella stopped laughing for two seconds and spoke matter-of-factly. "Neither was the sentry," she said before bursting back into large guffaws that really made her seem crazy. She probably was a little crazy, but she could see that being overly-boisterous very obviously made the other girl uncomfortable or discontented so the Lyra probably went a little overboard.

Stella knew, one pre-teen girl to another, that by nature they chose one insecurity about a person and brutishly over-criticize it to make the person feel bad- it was sort of like a signature move of pre-pubescent females. So when the girl opened her mouth and began to criticize Stella's appearance- specifically her unkempt, unnaturally black hair- Stella smirked in the other girl's direction. Would the Muggleborn continue her comedic performance, or pretend to be hurt in a very sarcastic manor? Nah- comedy is gold.

"Nah, what I think is funny is that you think this was all for RMI. I actually applied to a school for Vampires, but they told me no, so I had to weigh my options and take second best. Witches are nothing to Vampires, but we all have to make difficult sacrifices sometimes- I'm sure you would know all about that, with your whole rich girl, non-chalant, "I'm the Queen of Everybody's World" attitude. I bet attending RMI is torturous to you, isn't it?" She paused, looking up for a little bit more meanness. Oh! There is was. "What happened, mommy couldn't afford to send you to some prestigious academy for pristine bitches?" She said, raising an eyebrow and smiling.

Stella had dealt with preppy rich girls who thought that they were better than everyone just because their parents donated loads of money to the community, or whatever country club was popular enough. Stella knew that most of them couldn't really control themselves around her- it was like some sort of pulling force that made them turn into little devils around her. But Stella was fine with it, because the best part of dealing with devils was exercising them.

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