Dardanius Dubois
Is that the Little Mermaid? [Marissa]
Mon Mar 5, 2018 15:19

Danny traipsed into the Rec center, in neon green swim shorts, a black polo shirt with wide green horizontal stripes across its middle, and his sandals, with a swim bag slung over his shoulder. He had gotten into the habit of doing his potions and cultural studies homework assignments while Holland was in ancient runes and arithmancy classes, so the need to complete homework for classes they weren’t taking was never an excuse to not spend time with them. However he’d finished his work for the day already, and Holland was still in class, so even though Danny had already run for an hour earlier on, he decided to fit in some lengths, too.

The seventh year had already dropped his bag on to a poolside seat and pushed his feet free of footwear before noticing the person floating serenely in the water, surrounded by a mane of bright red hair. On the mornings when he came here early, before breakfast, there was a good chance Danny would find Rose in the pool. Experience had taught him it was much less likely to find Marissa there, any time of day. It was ideal, really, because Danny had been been hoping for a chance to speak to her for the past couple of days, but everyone’s schedules - including Danny’s own - seemed to be especially full just at the moment. Still, they were both here now, so Danny tugged his t-shirt off over his head, cast impervious around his eyes, and strode to the edge of the pool. He dove neatly into the water and resurfaced a couple of feet away from Marissa. “Hi,” he grinned, shaking some wet hair from his eyes. “Taking some weight off your feet?” Danny queried, raising up his feet to lie floating on his back next to Marissa. “If not your mind.”

He had noticed that Marissa seemed a bit quieter than usual this term. He really hoped it wasn’t anything to do with him. Their break up had been amicable, but that didn’t equate to emotionless. Marissa had professed herself supportive of Danny dating Holland, and she had convinced him of the fact, yet he remained sensitive to exhibiting displays of physical affection with Holland in front of Marissa, in particular. This was partially out of respect to Marissa (she may be fine but he didn’t have to be inconsiderate) and partially because even in the years before they were interested in being anything more than friends, Danny and Marissa had been flirtatious with each other, and very physical - they were both dramatic extroverts, and when they had dated, these aspects of their interactions had been amplified - whereas Danny’s friendship with Holland had always centred around discussion and debate, each encouraging the other to find solutions; affection was expressed through compliments or unspoken gestures. Their current dynamic was, predictably, fairly similar, except the frequency with which Danny gently teased or overtly admired Holland during conversation had increased, and sure when the timing felt right he enjoyed the privilege of kissing them, but more often than not these more intimate interactions occurred in relative privacy.

Even so Danny remembered that Holland had mentioned feeling like the fifth wheel in their friendship group of five, and he guessed that would be Marissa, now, which couldn’t be easy for her. Then most of the seventh years were getting worked up about graduation and colleges anyway, and that could be stressful. Still it wasn’t like Marissa to be stressed, exactly. She got frantic, and louder, but this Marissa was withdrawn, and that wasn’t something Danny had come to associate with one of his oldest friends. “Anything I can help with?”

    • I think I might be one of the Neverland mermaids - Marissa Kendrick, Mon Mar 12 19:38
      Before, Marissa’s hair had been too long to consistently swim. She’d needed to wrap it up and pull it back into an intricate ponytail or braid, or even hide it under a swim cap, to fully enjoy the... more
      • Should I keep my distance? - Dardanius, Tue Mar 13 17:22
        “No,” came the blunt reply, further reinforcing Danny’s suspicions that something was up with Marissa. She hadn’t even organized a party yet this term, as far as he was aware. There was usually a... more
        • It might be smart. - Marissa, Thu Mar 15 18:23
          “Oh.” Marissa thought she still knew Danny’s schedule perfectly. Apparently she still did, except she didn’t know what he did with his free time. Granted, it was silly to think she’d be able to... more
          • Not one of my strongest qualities - Danny, Fri Mar 16 06:27
            “Oh, so now you want to hang out with me?” Marissa fluidly maneuvered in the water so she was no longer lying on her back; Danny followed suit, his height advantage allowing him to stand on the... more
            • You have worse ones, probably - Marissa, Fri Mar 16 21:46
              “You did.” Marissa couldn’t deny it, and she knew that. All of this was her fault, really. She could have tried to initiate something, but she wanted to give Danny and Holland their space to be…... more
              • I have been known to make Bad Choices - Danny, Sun Mar 18 04:26
                “Everyone will have more time after Christmas,” Danny assured Marissa, with the confidence of someone who believed entirely the words he was speaking. If she was down because everyone had just been... more
                • Bad choices tend to be more fun - Marissa, Sun Mar 18 14:12
                  Marissa nodded a little with Danny’s agreement. He seemed to truly think people would have more time after Christmas. More time for what, Marissa wasn’t entirely sure. Rose and Emmett spent quite a... more
                  • Depends on your options - Danny, Sun Mar 18 15:26
                    Marissa’s midterm sounded chilled out, which was probably exactly what she needed. It was difficult to properly kick back and relax when there was so much stress around at school - it was like exam... more
                    • Limited, it seems - Marissa, Fri Mar 23 12:46
                      “You’re going to tell your parents?” Marissa’s question was accompanied by raised eyebrows and a grin. Now this she could talk about. The subject was infinitely better than college plans and her... more
                      • Yikes - Danny, Mon Mar 26 15:49
                        “You’re going to tell your parents?” Marissa asked, grinning, and surprised. Danny chuckled as he glided serenely past her in the water. He guessed it was legitimate for Marissa to sound surprised,... more
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