Not one of my strongest qualities
Fri Mar 16, 2018 06:27

“Oh, so now you want to hang out with me?” Marissa fluidly maneuvered in the water so she was no longer lying on her back; Danny followed suit, his height advantage allowing him to stand on the bottom of the pool while she was treading water. Instinctively he felt guilty for behaving in a way that had led to Marissa addressing him with passive-aggressively concealed hurt at being neglected. Yet he knew friendship worked in two directions: she hadn’t invited him to do anything with her, either.

“I asked, didn’t I?,” he pointed out, trying to keep his voice neutral as he pushed his hair - too long to be neat, and now also wet - back from his face. Danny considered her for a few moments, trying to decide how to handle her accusation. He’d been the cause of Marissa’s upset before - always unintentionally - and she’d never told him what was bothering her, or even given him any indication that she was upset with or by him. He supposed it was progress that she was telling him now, and he could hardly fault her for it. “I’m sorry,” Danny said after a short pause. He meant it. “It started off as giving us some space, then I just got busy with, you know, with everything, and then … I have missed you.”

He expected Marissa had been just as busy herself; they all had. While she didn’t have as fixed as an idea about her education as Holland and Rose did, Marissa had still made some college applications, and she still had Quidditch, and the musical. “I know you’ve been busy, too,” he said, watching Marissa’s arms work the water to keep her afloat, and wondering if he was imagining that she’d lost a little weight, “but I’m sure we can try to check in with each other more often.” He didn’t want to overtly state that it was partly her fault - she could have asked him to grab a coffee or even just fly on the pitch any time she wanted - because she was obviously not feeling herself to start with. Besides, he knew she’d been a bit quieter than usual, and he hadn’t said anything about it until now, and probably still wouldn’t have done if he still had assignment to write, or if she hadn’t been in the pool when he arrived. That really was far worse than Marissa not suggesting they meet up every once in a while.

  • It might be smart. - Marissa, Thu Mar 15 18:23
    “Oh.” Marissa thought she still knew Danny’s schedule perfectly. Apparently she still did, except she didn’t know what he did with his free time. Granted, it was silly to think she’d be able to... more
    • Not one of my strongest qualities - Danny, Fri Mar 16 06:27
      • You have worse ones, probably - Marissa, Fri Mar 16 21:46
        “You did.” Marissa couldn’t deny it, and she knew that. All of this was her fault, really. She could have tried to initiate something, but she wanted to give Danny and Holland their space to be…... more
        • I have been known to make Bad Choices - Danny, Sun Mar 18 04:26
          “Everyone will have more time after Christmas,” Danny assured Marissa, with the confidence of someone who believed entirely the words he was speaking. If she was down because everyone had just been... more
          • Bad choices tend to be more fun - Marissa, Sun Mar 18 14:12
            Marissa nodded a little with Danny’s agreement. He seemed to truly think people would have more time after Christmas. More time for what, Marissa wasn’t entirely sure. Rose and Emmett spent quite a... more
            • Depends on your options - Danny, Sun Mar 18 15:26
              Marissa’s midterm sounded chilled out, which was probably exactly what she needed. It was difficult to properly kick back and relax when there was so much stress around at school - it was like exam... more
              • Limited, it seems - Marissa, Fri Mar 23 12:46
                “You’re going to tell your parents?” Marissa’s question was accompanied by raised eyebrows and a grin. Now this she could talk about. The subject was infinitely better than college plans and her... more
                • Yikes - Danny, Mon Mar 26 15:49
                  “You’re going to tell your parents?” Marissa asked, grinning, and surprised. Danny chuckled as he glided serenely past her in the water. He guessed it was legitimate for Marissa to sound surprised,... more
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