I have been known to make Bad Choices
Sun Mar 18, 2018 04:26

“Everyone will have more time after Christmas,” Danny assured Marissa, with the confidence of someone who believed entirely the words he was speaking. If she was down because everyone had just been so busy, then collectively they needed to stop being so absorbed in their own lives and pay attention to each other more - especially to Marissa, who was the person of the group most likely to support the rest of them, whatever decisions they made. She would never tell any of them that she was feeling lonely, because she knew they had other things going on, and was so selfless she would encourage that above her own satisfaction.

Danny wanted to cuddle her… but maybe later, when they both had more clothes on. He wasn’t concerned that his intentions were anything other than platonic - he had lots of experience in figuring out his feelings about Marissa over the years; she was great in so many ways and he would probably always find her attractive but for now, at least, he was happy to have her as a friend again, and didn’t think about anything more - but with physical contact between them still feeling occasionally peculiar, he wasn’t going to attempt to hold her in swimwear any time soon.

He would have encouraged her that they didn’t need to wait until after midterm to start hanging out more, as it was clearly upsetting her (and now it had been brought to his attention, Danny knew he had missed her company, too, he just had distractions of a particular variety that Marissa did not right now), but Marissa was asking about the holiday in question. “The same stuff I always do for midterm,” Danny replied with an easy smile. He lay on his back again, positioning himself so Marissa was to the side, where he could easily see her by turning his head. “Ball on Christmas Eve, party on New Years Eve… maybe Claudia will start talking to me again,” he considered. He’d tried to solicit his sister on a couple of further occasions since she’d left him in the Diner in tears, but she was resolutely avoiding speaking words to him beyond ‘leave me alone’, or to similar effect. “Hoping to have all my college stuff done before I go home,” he added - he was nearly done with his applications, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Danny and Holland had also begun to discuss whether he would be telling his parents about their relationship over midterm. Seeing as Claudia already knew, and the couple had been together in school and in public places together sufficiently that someone with an unhealthy interest in Danny’s personal life could have noticed (it only took Heather a few hours to inform certain RMI students, although not all gossip channels were as effective as Heather), the seventh year considered it was sensible to tell them himself before they had the opportunity to find out from somebody else. Throughout his life his parents had been very supportive of all of his endeavors, but divulging his current commitment to a person who did not meet their ideals of ancestry, heritage or, most glaringly, gender, did indicate a certain resistance to the patriarchy, which Danny had always expected would be his inevitable future. He maintained that he could accomplish the same - or similar, at any rate - future regardless of his selection of partner, but he did not necessarily expect them to agree. “How about you?”

  • You have worse ones, probably - Marissa, Fri Mar 16 21:46
    “You did.” Marissa couldn’t deny it, and she knew that. All of this was her fault, really. She could have tried to initiate something, but she wanted to give Danny and Holland their space to be…... more
    • I have been known to make Bad Choices - Danny, Sun Mar 18 04:26
      • Bad choices tend to be more fun - Marissa, Sun Mar 18 14:12
        Marissa nodded a little with Danny’s agreement. He seemed to truly think people would have more time after Christmas. More time for what, Marissa wasn’t entirely sure. Rose and Emmett spent quite a... more
        • Depends on your options - Danny, Sun Mar 18 15:26
          Marissa’s midterm sounded chilled out, which was probably exactly what she needed. It was difficult to properly kick back and relax when there was so much stress around at school - it was like exam... more
          • Limited, it seems - Marissa, Fri Mar 23 12:46
            “You’re going to tell your parents?” Marissa’s question was accompanied by raised eyebrows and a grin. Now this she could talk about. The subject was infinitely better than college plans and her... more
            • Yikes - Danny, Mon Mar 26 15:49
              “You’re going to tell your parents?” Marissa asked, grinning, and surprised. Danny chuckled as he glided serenely past her in the water. He guessed it was legitimate for Marissa to sound surprised,... more
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