Bad choices tend to be more fun
Sun Mar 18, 2018 14:12

Marissa nodded a little with Danny’s agreement. He seemed to truly think people would have more time after Christmas. More time for what, Marissa wasn’t entirely sure. Rose and Emmett spent quite a bit of free time together, and Holland and Danny did the same. She imagined the Lyra trio still spent plenty of time together in their commons. It was their last year together, after all. Well, that might not be true. If they all got into colleges that were near-ish each other, they could all be roommates!

On her good days, she liked to think about that possibility in the near future. If they weren’t tired of her by then, it would be really cool to live together in their own apartment. There’d be no more dorm rooms or curfews or rules. Rose, Holland, and Marissa would have so much fun together, and Danny could even be there if he wanted. The red-head was more than willing to apparate to her campus, so it really depended on the other two or three. If they really thought ahead, she was sure they could find a space with room enough for Emmett after he graduated, too.

All of that seemed really silly to think about, though, when she considered how Holland and Rose would easily find like-minded, super smart, and magically skilled friends in their college classes. Marissa just hoped they wouldn’t think of that as an upgrade and leave her completely behind.

Thankfully, Danny answered her midterm question. It didn’t exactly make her feel better, since she still partially blamed herself for Claudia’s treatment of the older Dubois. At this point, it was clear that Claudia was just going to be cranky and pretty rude about whoever Danny dated, but it still bothered her. She kept herself from mumbling an apology and watched her hands moved the water back and forth instead. Marissa wouldn’t miss the fancy parties.

“Don’t really have any plans,” she admitted. The red-head hated to have nothing to do, so she wasn’t sure how to feel anything but slightly anxious about the free time she was about to have. “There’s the usual family stuff. Garen hosts holiday stuff at his place. It’s a big thing.” The water made very quiet splashing sounds around her arms, which were starting to get a little tired.

“A couple of girls from my dance camps are doing a thing for New Years, so I might make an appearance there,” she added. If anything, it’d be a nice escape from college anxiety and everything. “Probably just gonna stay home most of the time, though. Hang out with Kit.” She hesitated. Mentioning her own younger sibling made her decide to address Danny’s after all. “Sorry Claudia’s still being… you know.”

  • I have been known to make Bad Choices - Danny, Sun Mar 18 04:26
    “Everyone will have more time after Christmas,” Danny assured Marissa, with the confidence of someone who believed entirely the words he was speaking. If she was down because everyone had just been... more
    • Bad choices tend to be more fun - Marissa, Sun Mar 18 14:12
      • Depends on your options - Danny, Sun Mar 18 15:26
        Marissa’s midterm sounded chilled out, which was probably exactly what she needed. It was difficult to properly kick back and relax when there was so much stress around at school - it was like exam... more
        • Limited, it seems - Marissa, Fri Mar 23 12:46
          “You’re going to tell your parents?” Marissa’s question was accompanied by raised eyebrows and a grin. Now this she could talk about. The subject was infinitely better than college plans and her... more
          • Yikes - Danny, Mon Mar 26 15:49
            “You’re going to tell your parents?” Marissa asked, grinning, and surprised. Danny chuckled as he glided serenely past her in the water. He guessed it was legitimate for Marissa to sound surprised,... more
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