Lily-Anna Shu
Thinking some thoughts
Mon Mar 19, 2018 12:56

Lily-Anna was not the kind of girl who took life too seriously. Often she would be out and about exploring and finding new adventures that life would offer her. It wasn't often to find the always active girl in a state of stillness, yet here she was. On her back, floating in the rec center pool. She was seen with a slight frown on her small face, her arms and legs occasionally propelling her this way or that.

What could have the little energy ball so preoccupied? In truth, she didn't know. It could be a number of things that sat heavy. Her estranged uncle had returned to her life. He was the only other wizard in the family, Lee Sin Shu, was quite the delight to have in her life. She was finally able to talk to another person like herself who was magical that wasn't a schoolmate or a teacher. Her family had long believed he had been sent away to an adult ward for the mentally unstable due to his talks of the magical world. Turned out, he was a Magical Ambassador for the magical United Nations. He was just so cool, but it was a new experience for her young mind to wrap around.

Perhaps, she was thinking of her being held back this year. Not often did she attend her lessons, often forgetting for one adventure or another. Her parents were quite cross with her, as they were used to her being a diligent student. This behavior was quite unlike her. She didn't know why she had gotten so lax, only that she had.

Perhaps it was her growing into her teenage years, as she was newly 13 years old. Though despite her age, she still was quite the tiny child, appearing as if she were still a young first year by her height. Things were new for her, and she didn't have many friends to speak to.

Whatever weighed on the young girl's mind, she floated trying to sort it all out, unsure why her thoughts were so flat. She could do a flip, swim to the waterfall, and be off to the passages on another adventure. She had almost all of them mapped out in her plethora of maps she made of the school. Instead she floated, thoughts going everywhere and nowhere at once.

She could have kept floating like this all day, perhaps, if it weren't for a sound nearby that sparked her interest. It wasn't as if there was no noise here, it was the rec center. But this noise, this was the sound of a loud bang or crash of some sort. Lilly Anna flipped over in the water, long black hair trailing behind like a kite. She looked for the source of the noise, trying to find the culprit. Wrapping a towel around her swimsuit, she began wandering towards the sound.

Culprit or not, she found something else as her head was turned trying to find the noise. She found another student very abruptly. In fact, you wouldn't say found rather rammed directly into as she was not watching where she was walking.

"S-sorry!" Lilly-Anna said in a small voice, "I was just... I heard...bang? And I was looking for it and, i'm sorry!"

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