Jesse Keller
Making some mess
Tue Mar 20, 2018 16:37

There was plenty to explore within the underground confines of Rocky Mountain International. Jesse was now very familiar with his dormitory and common area, and the rooms in which he most frequently had his classes, but there was still a great deal more to discover about the school. It could be argued that there was no hurry, because expectations assumed he would be spending the next seven years in the same place, allowing ample time to figure out the various nooks and crannies of the complex and to discover many untold secrets. It could also be argued that there was no time like the present, or any other similar part-proverb that argued for a person to be doing exactly what they chose to be doing at that precise moment without them needing a real explanation to validate their actions (Jesse rarely needed to find a reason to justify his actions, because he didn’t put much more thought into doing a thing besides just doing it; he did not often consider why he felt compelled or why it might or might not be an ideal course of action).

One of the spaces the first year had year to engage with in any detail was the recreation center. Jesse liked games and puzzles, but he also like smaller, more enclosed areas, and the rec center was larger and sprawling, and there was lots going on. He was also not particularly drawn to swimming. Or, more accurately, he was not particularly drawn to swimwear. He had always had a round face and stocky frame, which his younger brother, Felix, liked to describe as ‘looking fat’ or ‘being overweight’, despite their mother’s repeated assurances that neither of these things were true. Jesse didn’t think he would mind too much if they were, but having them argue over and debate his stature wa not a pleasant experience. It happened often at home, but most often when he was lacking a full cohort of clothing, which usually prompted Felix to puff his cheeks out. As the two boys shared a bedroom in their family home, Jesse had taken to getting changed in the bathroom when he didn’t want to deal with his brother’s remarks. Now it was true that Felix was not at RMI, yet, so it was probably safe for Jesse to wear his swimming trunks if he decided he wanted to go in the pool, but a few years of avoiding the past time had rendered him ignorant of his current capabilities in the water, especially in regards to staying afloat. It would also be very disheartening if the trend of commenting on his physique was present in other students. Jesse had so far ascertained that it was safe to get changed within the confines of the dormitory he shared with Keith, but beyond that he had no knowledge; this was an area he was not yet keen to explore.

He was however keen to discover what games were in the rec center. The Draco had identified a large cabinet filled with all sorts of activities, including exploding snap and wizards chess, and lots more boxed games. He reached up and pulled a box off the shelf, not having seen the two containers of gobstones stacked on top of it, at the pack, past where his first-year-height eyes could see. The tubs came tumbling towards him and in surprise Jesse loosened the grip on the box in his hands, and the whole lot tumbled to the floor with an echoing crash. Hastily he collected together all the scattered debris, without really paying attention to that was what as the tips of his pale ears burned crimson, and forced the whole lot back onto the shelf. Subdued for the time being, Jesse had no further interest in any explorations of the vicinity, and made to leave as hurriedly as possible. That’s when he collided with another student. Another student wearing swimwear and a towel. Jesse’s cheeks positively glowed beneath his dark brown hair.

“Oh, it was me, I made the noise, I’m sorry,” Jesse offered an inarticulate explanation to her unnecessary apology. “I dropped some things because the shelf was high.” It was obvious now he should have used a step or stool or chair or some other manner of retrieving items than just pulling them haphazardly from shelves. “Then I tried to leave and bumped into you,” he said, looking at the sloppily tied laces of his sneakers as he brought the other student up to speed on how their untimely interaction had occurred. “Sorry,” he said again, just in case once wasn’t enough. She had apologized twice and it wasn’t even her fault.

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