Lilly-Anna Shu
Talking some talks
Wed Mar 21, 2018 13:09

Lilly-Anna smiled at the other boy and wiped a drop of water that had trickled down her forehead off with the back of her hand. Her wet hair was not known for drying quickly as it was rather thick, so she quickly lashed it into a braid so the rest of her would dry off enough to put her clothes back on. She listened to the boy's explanation of the loud bang from earlier.

Motioning to her height (a mere five feet) she laughed, "Too short for tall shelves is like my whole way of life!" Extending a hand, she continued, "I'm Lilly-Anna by the way. Though if you want to call me Lilly or Anna instead of both I'm not against that"

The other boy had said he was leaving, but judging from his distressed state, she was sure it was simply due to his crash that prompted the run. She knew all too well what it was like to have made a load of mess and slowly whistle as you make your retreat. She took in the other child in front of her. He seemed unfamiliar, though that wasn't a stretch as she didn't interact often. He also seemed younger than she was, but Lilly-Anna wasn't a good judge on age.

"So, are you okay? I didn't hurt you did I?" Lilly-Anna was sure he seemed okay, but politeness was important and she had run into the other student.

Spacing off slightly Lilly-Anna had a thought. Perhaps the pick me up she needed was an adventure. She looked around and her eyes caught the waterfall on the other side.

"I know we just met," she began, potentially cutting off the other student, "But what say I show you something awesome. Did you know there is a huge passage of secret tunnels around here? They are like haunted probably too."

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