Limited, it seems
Fri Mar 23, 2018 12:46

“You’re going to tell your parents?”

Marissa’s question was accompanied by raised eyebrows and a grin. Now this she could talk about. The subject was infinitely better than college plans and her future. Danny’s parents were interesting. The redhead never figured out if his father liked her (although she’d be willing to bet that he either didn’t or was indifferent enough), and even though she attempted to be kind, it was clear that his mother wasn’t fond of her at all. Marissa never figured out why. Almost everyone she’d ever met liked her well enough. It was baffling.

She couldn’t help but feel concerned for Holland and Danny. His mom loved him and seemed to genuinely want to support Danny, so she might not be too terrible to deal with. Marissa had no idea where his pureblood father stood on any subject ever, but she felt it safe to assume that he probably wouldn’t be thrilled. And if Claudia’s attitude could sway anyone… It probably wouldn’t take much for Claudia to make this relationship more difficult than it already was. That wasn’t fair.

The Aquila wished she had a better relationship with the younger Dubois. Maybe then she could be of some help. Claudia spent time with Connor (or did she? Marissa honestly hadn’t paid attention to her much through the term) and, for some completely confusing reason, would talk to Kaye Packman once in a while. Kaye was an absolute wild card, but it was possible that she could be convinced to say something to Claudia in Holland’s favor. Marissa probably didn’t have anything that Kaye would be interested in to trade for a favor, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to try.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine,” Marissa nodded, and then smiled a little teasingly, “And if it’s not, you know that the Kendrick house is open for runaways at any and all times.”

  • Depends on your options - Danny, Sun Mar 18 15:26
    Marissa’s midterm sounded chilled out, which was probably exactly what she needed. It was difficult to properly kick back and relax when there was so much stress around at school - it was like exam... more
    • Limited, it seems - Marissa, Fri Mar 23 12:46
      • Yikes - Danny, Mon Mar 26 15:49
        “You’re going to tell your parents?” Marissa asked, grinning, and surprised. Danny chuckled as he glided serenely past her in the water. He guessed it was legitimate for Marissa to sound surprised,... more
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