Shall we think and talk and walk?
Sun Mar 25, 2018 06:31

She didnít seem to mind that he had made a noise, and interrupted her swimming, and then bumped into her. The other girl was smiling, and she even extended a hand for him to take. Jesse didnít like to shake hands but it seemed to happen a lot here at school. Or at least it had happened to him on multiple occasions that a student had greeted him by extending a hand for him to take and to shake, and Jesse knew it would be the epitome of rudeness to ignore the gesture. He didnít want to ignore it, precisely, but he thought that touching someone in the first instance of meeting them was a peculiar habit. He would rather forgo the exchange, but it didnít feel important enough to create confrontation in the first moments of knowing a person. So Jesse took the proffered hand and shook it a couple of times, breaking contact after one second had passed. He noted that Lilly-Anna, as the girl had introduced herself, had moist, clammy hands, although that was probably due to her recent exit from the pool, and not that she was especially sweaty. Jesse surreptitiously rubbed his hand on his cotton hooded jacket.

ďIím Jesse,Ē he returned his own greeting. He didnít have two first names to choose from like Lilly-Anna did, so he could not offer her the same opportunity to select which name she could call him. Jesse didnít even have a nickname, and his name was already sufficiently short that there was no real need to shorten it any further, so he was just Jesse: uninteresting in uniformity.

ďOh, Iím fine,Ē Jesse replied to her inquiry about his physical state following their collision. The other girl was of a similar height, and so she understood how he had come to make such a noise by trying to reach things from a shelf that was too high, and they had not collided at much speed, so he was puzzled about why she might think he was hurt. Perhaps she was asking him if he was hurt because she was hurt, herself. Oh, he should check that Lilly-Anna was okay, too. ďI didnít hurt you, did I?Ē

ďDid you know there is a huge passage of secret tunnels around here? They are like haunted probably too,Ē Lilly-Anna said. Jesse thought maybe they were in classes together, but he wasnít sure, because generally in classes the students wore all their clothes (not all their clothes as in every garment in their possession, but they were usually fully dressed, as opposed to in swimwear) and were, more often than not, fully dry (unless that girl with the curly orange hair had done something especially unexpected, which seemed to happen quite often), which made it difficult for Jesse to really recognise them when this was not the case. The girl was small enough to be one of the beginner students, anyway, so she probably hadnít been at the school all that long, although perhaps longer than Jesse had himself, perhaps, if she wasnít in first year.

Regardless, she had apparently done a great deal more exploring of the school than Jesse had, if she had found a huge passage of secret tunnels. Either that or she was pretending, and it was a game, like the sort that Lola, his little sister, sometimes liked to play. Lilly-Anna was a lot older than Lola, though, so maybe she was too old for games of make believe? Jesse wasnít sure. He still wasnít sure if she was serious or not about the tunnels. Or about them being haunted. Jesse knew that ghosts were real but he hadnít seen any yet at RMI. If there were hidden corridors it might make sense for the ghosts t be hiding there. ďI didnít know that,Ē Jesse said diplomatically avoiding the issue or whether these tunnels were real or not. ďI havenít done much exploring of the school yet.Ē

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