Lilly-Anna Shu
I think I ran out of clever titles
Tue Mar 27, 2018 15:07

Lilly-Anna found her clothes laying nearby and pulled them over her mostly dry but kind of damp swimsuit. She didn't really mind, as she usually air dried anyway. She wore simple clothes today, jeans and a t-shirt with an anime character splashed on the front in a battle pose. She wasn't really into the anime it came from, but she liked the look of the shirt none-the-less. Talking would be much more comfortable now with pants on at least.

Tossing the towel in a nearby dirty laundry hamper she said, "Oh yeah these tunnels are awesome. I explore them all the time. I hear that one of the students is a werewolf and has been hiding down there during full moons to keep the other students safe. Been trying for weeks to stake out a good spot to find the werewolf" She laughed, "but honestly I dont know where they would put it and it's gonna be a month till I can try again if I get it wrong!"

An idea struck her suddenly, "I have maps of a good chunk of the castle. Like, seriously I got held back a year for skipping classes too much while I explored. That and..." she trailed off. Her smile wilted at the corners of her mouth, her small brown eyes glazed over. She didn't mean to get serious, but it hurt knowing that she had chosen to be so anti-social. She had no friends to speak of, and the only other times she tried, she didn't manage to keep them. So really, why go to class when she was alone here?

Plastering on the most believable smile she could she added, "That and I'm not that good at magic to begin with anyway!" Laughing just slightly too high to pull it off, she continued on.

"Lets say I fix that whole you havent explored the grounds thing eh? I can copy my maps for you. I have a good copy spell I know. Then you and I can try and find a good spot to hunt the werewolf! What do you think?"

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    She didnít seem to mind that he had made a noise, and interrupted her swimming, and then bumped into her. The other girl was smiling, and she even extended a hand for him to take. Jesse didnít like... more
    • I think I ran out of clever titles - Lilly-Anna Shu, Tue Mar 27 15:07
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