Marissa Kendrick
Help! I need somebody
Fri Apr 20, 2018 10:22

The letter from Adams College that landed in front of her at breakfast had such an official look that it made Marissa Kendrick feel sick to her stomach. The last time she’d received a letter like that was over midterm. It came from Meredith College in North Carolina. She’d thought it might be good news, but when she freed the neatly folded letter from its envelope, it wasn’t. The red-head wasn’t used to not being wanted, but her seventh year was turning out to be a crash course in rejection.

Instead of facing that unwanted feeling again, she stuffed the letter in her backpack and tried to forget about it.

During her first class of the day, she pulled her textbook out and the letter came with it. She scooped it up off of the floor before it could float away, even though she wasn’t sure she even wanted it. Ignorance was bliss and all that.

She hated that phrase. Who even came up with it? Ignorance wasn’t bliss. Claudia was being incredibly ignorant, and she didn’t seem full of bliss. If anything, she seemed homophobic and transphobic and angry. Anyone who was blissful couldn’t use those kinds of spells on family and friends.

Marissa shoved her hands in the pockets of her skinny jeans - which she’d charmed to be as deep as actual pockets - and wandered the school for a while. She thought of going to Aquila and asking someone there. It was more than likely that the only person around would be Kaye; she’d been curled up on the couch that morning. Feeling well or not, Marissa didn’t trust the younger Aquila enough. She might steal Marissa’s identity or something!

After a while, she ended up in the rec center and sat in one of the lounge chairs, legs crossed, letter resting in her hands. None of her friends were there yet but eventually someone would appear.

The Aquila wasn’t sure how long she sat there, but as soon as someone familiar walked by, she reached out an arm. It could have been anyone, really. Minus a few younger years here and there, she was friendly enough with the student body to recognize them.

“Hey,” her green eyes barely met theirs, and she nervously held out the unopened college letter. “Could you - I can’t open it. I can’t. Can you open it and tell me what t says? Please?”

There was no way for Marissa to know it was actually an acceptance and not a rejection. If the other student opened it, then both of them would find out.

    • I'm somebody - Myfanwy Owen, Sat Apr 21 16:07
      Myfanwy had chosen to look in on the recreation center to see if anyone was around to play pool or table tennis to help alleviate her solitude. She’d already checked on the allotment, and there... more
      • That's true - Marissa, Thu May 3 10:25
        The person holding her letter turned out to be Myffi, and that was almost better for Marissa. The two didn’t know each other very well. If it was a rejection - well, she wouldn’t be letting Myffi... more
        • Is truth subjective? - Myfanwy, Thu May 3 11:38
          Marissa didn’t really answer the question, in Myffi’s opinion. She just said that she already had a rejection letter over midterm, so Myffi surmised that Marissa really wanted to go to college. Maybe ... more
          • Maybe, Maybe Not - Marissa, Thu May 3 14:38
            Did she want to go to college? Honestly, no. Marissa didn’t have much of an interest. School was school. It wasn’t something she was super great at, and she definitely didn’t know what she wanted to... more
            • Those are the options - Myffi, Thu May 3 15:35
              When Myffi declared she’d been accepted, Marissa was rightfully thrilled by the news. She did look surprised though, which just went to show what a knock to a person’s confidence could do. Or was she ... more
              • Maybe so - Marissa, Fri May 4 13:28
                Somehow, the news that Ruben was involved with a secret distillery at Rocky Mountain International didn’t surprise her. What absolutely shocked her was Myffi’s involvement. Since when? That was so... more
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