Myfanwy Owen
I'm somebody
Sat Apr 21, 2018 16:07

Myfanwy had chosen to look in on the recreation center to see if anyone was around to play pool or table tennis to help alleviate her solitude. She’d already checked on the allotment, and there wasn’t much happening with the weather being still too cold for new shoots to appear (although very soon they could start planting out the spring seeds and seedlings, which was very exciting). So next she’d checked on her alcohol, but there hadn’t been a new crop of potatoes to harvest since before midterm, so there wasn’t really anything to do with that, either. She could have gone back to her dormitory for homework or to sketch, or put in place the final plans for her campaign, but that all sounded like it required more brain power than Myffi really had spare at that moment. She just wanted to relax, preferably with some other people, as she’d been on her own for a while, so she thought it was great when she saw Marissa sitting on one of the lounge chairs.

After a moment, Myffi thought that was less great, actually, because Marissa was usually one of those happy, bubbly, cheerful sort of people. Myfanwy liked her, even though they weren’t especially close friends, but that’s probably because Marissa had a lot of friends already, and she was super busy with Quidditch and theater and whatever other things she did that Myffi didn’t know about because they weren’t super close. She didn’t look really happy or bubbly now, though. She was just sort of sitting there. It reminded Myffi of that time the staircases had gone wonky, and Marley had been less happy and bubbly and bouncy than usual. Except the staircases weren’t wonky now, as far as Myffi knew. She thought someone might have said something if they were being weird again. Maybe Marissa just needed a bit of cheering up. Myffi could do that, she was totally in a positive mood, even if her mind was too tired to concentrate right now.

Her white canvas shoes with rainbow laces squeaked quietly on the floor as the sixth year crossed to the older student, her multi-coloured tie-dyed dress billowing about her ankles as she walked. She’d already fixed a friendly smile firmly in place when Marissa looked up, not seeming at all cheerful herself as she handed Myfanwy a sealed envelope. Confusion clearly evident in her blue eyes behind rose gold framed spectacles, the Lyra took the item that seemed to be making Marissa nervous, and glanced at the college name across its front. “Oh,” she said, comprehension dawning.

Myffi sat down in the chair just across from Marissa, holding the unopened envelope firmly in her hand. “I totally can do that, if you want me to,” she said. She didn’t want to do it while Marissa was already kind of upset though, because if it was bad news then that was definitely going to make her more upset, and Myffi didn’t want to do that. “I wouldn’t want to open it either, if it’s something I really cared about,” she said. “Like,” Myffi paused to think of an example, which did not take more than a second, “when I wanted to come here, when I found out my family were moving to California? I was worried I wouldn’t get accepted, and I was so ready to come to school, even though I was so nervous about leaving Wales and all my friends back home. I would have been so disappointed, I wanted my sister open my letter for me,” she revealed, “but Cledan stayed at work late, and I just couldn’t wait any longer,” Myffi smiled. “Obviously I got in, because I’m here, but I cried anyway because that made the move so real. I had to pack everything up, and leave everyone. It was awful.” She was still smiling, but a little wistfully now.

Whoops, instead of making Marissa feel better, she’d made herself feel worse. Myffi shook her head, causing her long, dark ponytail to fall forwards over her shoulder. “So I guess I’m asking what’s the catch for you?” she looked back to Marissa.

  • Help! I need somebody - Marissa Kendrick , Fri Apr 20 10:22
    The letter from Adams College that landed in front of her at breakfast had such an official look that it made Marissa Kendrick feel sick to her stomach. The last time she’d received a letter like... more
    • I'm somebody - Myfanwy Owen, Sat Apr 21 16:07
      • That's true - Marissa, Thu May 3 10:25
        The person holding her letter turned out to be Myffi, and that was almost better for Marissa. The two didn’t know each other very well. If it was a rejection - well, she wouldn’t be letting Myffi... more
        • Is truth subjective? - Myfanwy, Thu May 3 11:38
          Marissa didn’t really answer the question, in Myffi’s opinion. She just said that she already had a rejection letter over midterm, so Myffi surmised that Marissa really wanted to go to college. Maybe ... more
          • Maybe, Maybe Not - Marissa, Thu May 3 14:38
            Did she want to go to college? Honestly, no. Marissa didn’t have much of an interest. School was school. It wasn’t something she was super great at, and she definitely didn’t know what she wanted to... more
            • Those are the options - Myffi, Thu May 3 15:35
              When Myffi declared she’d been accepted, Marissa was rightfully thrilled by the news. She did look surprised though, which just went to show what a knock to a person’s confidence could do. Or was she ... more
              • Maybe so - Marissa, Fri May 4 13:28
                Somehow, the news that Ruben was involved with a secret distillery at Rocky Mountain International didn’t surprise her. What absolutely shocked her was Myffi’s involvement. Since when? That was so... more
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