The Pool
Not your average pool party
Thu May 3, 2018 09:05

It was early morning, and there was a lot of activity in the pool right now. Some of the activity came from those rare students who liked to exercise by swimming laps before breakfast. The rest of the activity came from the trout.

Yep. Trout.

Gradually, one or two at a time, large trout were appearing in the pool. It wasn't obvious where they had come from. A hole in the floor? A pipe? Just thin air (water)? However it had happened, the fact was that it was happening, and the trout didnít seem very pleased about this. There were only a handful of trout right now, so they could spread out in the large pool, but the number would increase steadily throughout the day until the trout were crammed tight enough that there was no choice except to start smacking around hapless swimmers and try to jump up the waterfalls to escape.

You see, trout have never been the most easy-going species of fish. This was especially true when a school of trout were randomly and mysteriously transported to a human swimming pool. For in this scenario, the pool no longer belongs to the humans - it belongs to the trout. They may only bump into each other a bit to start, but sooner than later, the trout would claim their rightful home and revolt against any humans found occupying their watery territory.

But for now, it was early morning, and there were only a few trout swimming in circles.


Another trout appeared. And so it began.

    • Welp. - Raja Nazari-Richards, Sat Jun 23 12:07
      Out of the corner of his eye, Raja saw motion in the pool. That wouldnít have been weird, except he was pretty sure that there wasnít anybody in the pool right now. He hadnít seen anybody come in... more
    • Gone fishing - Nolan Ramsey, Fri May 11 13:12
      Nolan had gone to the Rec Center in the afternoon with the idea of seeing if anyone would want to play Exploding Snap or pool or something. He wasnít picky about who he played with or what game they... more
      • You forgot a tacklebox - Petra Stiglitz, Tue May 15 23:54
        Petra heard that there were fish in the pool. The girl didnít often frequent the Rec Center, although she had on occasion because what else was there to do when she was bored? It was nice to go for a ... more
        • At least you have a lure - Nolan, Mon May 21 12:01
          He knew the girl vaguely. RMI was a lot bigger than the clases heíd taken before heíd transferred in, but it was still a pretty small school. Nolan and Petra were both in Aquila, and she was only two ... more
    • Marissa's party was better, just saying - Remington Burnham, Thu May 3 13:17
      As someone who took most of her self-confidence from how smart she was, it wasnít easy for Remington to admit when she didnít know how to do something. At the beach party last year, sheíd admitted to ... more
      • Fishes ruin everything - Susan Bradby, Sat May 5 01:00
        Swilling the dregs at the bottom of her malt milk, Susan sighed. Her first year at RMI was nearing the end and she still hadnít made a lot of friends. It was humiliating and to be honest, she could... more
        • I suppose it could be worse - Remington, Mon May 7 08:30
          Not knowing how to swim was already embarrassing enough. Remington didnít enjoy admitting that she didnít know how to do something, but she could get herself to own up to it. It was easier with Drew. ... more
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