Is truth subjective?
Thu May 3, 2018 11:38

Marissa didn’t really answer the question, in Myffi’s opinion. She just said that she already had a rejection letter over midterm, so Myffi surmised that Marissa really wanted to go to college. Maybe she couldn’t think of a catch. Myffi could think of plenty. Going to college was expensive, and it meant at least another four years of studying, which sounded tedious. What if it turned out that Marissa didn’t like the course or the college that accepted her? She’d probably be moving away to go to college, like most people did, which meant she wouldn’t get to see her sister so much (most people at RMI didn’t get to see their parents very often, but Marissa’s sister was at the school with her). There were lots of catches. “Do you even really want to go?” Myffi asked conversationally. “I mean, everyone says you’re a really nice person, and you seem to do okay with the Aquila Quidditch team. That beach party you did was totally amazing,” Myffi pointed out. “There’s more to life than just a piece of paper with a grade on it, you know.”

Either way, Marissa wanted the letter opening. The way she said it was ‘probably another rejection’ let Myffi know that she didn’t have great self confidence right now. That was a shame, because although they weren’t exactly friends, Myffi agreed with everyone else that Marissa was a super nice person, and she had loads of reasons to be feeling great about herself. “I’ll open it,” she said, lifting the envelope up ready, “but just so you know, I think you’re a lovely person, and I think you’ll have a great time whether you go to college or not.”

Then with an encouraging smile, Myffi opened the envelope and read the letter. She grinned. “You’ve totally been accepted,” she said, in a tone that suggested Marissa had been foolish for doubting it. “Here,” she passed the letter over with a chuckle. “So nothing to worry about.”

Myffi didn’t think she would bother with college. She hadn’t really thought much about the future yet, but another four years of studying didn’t sound very enticing. She hadn’t ruled it out completely, though, because there were some very interesting sounding magical courses around. It seemed like Marissa was keen to go. “You must be pleased,” she guessed. “You should totally celebrate.” Then she had an idea. “Oh, we should totally celebrate. You can keep a secret, right?”

  • That's true - Marissa, Thu May 3 10:25
    The person holding her letter turned out to be Myffi, and that was almost better for Marissa. The two didn’t know each other very well. If it was a rejection - well, she wouldn’t be letting Myffi... more
    • Is truth subjective? - Myfanwy, Thu May 3 11:38
      • Maybe, Maybe Not - Marissa, Thu May 3 14:38
        Did she want to go to college? Honestly, no. Marissa didn’t have much of an interest. School was school. It wasn’t something she was super great at, and she definitely didn’t know what she wanted to... more
        • Those are the options - Myffi, Thu May 3 15:35
          When Myffi declared she’d been accepted, Marissa was rightfully thrilled by the news. She did look surprised though, which just went to show what a knock to a person’s confidence could do. Or was she ... more
          • Maybe so - Marissa, Fri May 4 13:28
            Somehow, the news that Ruben was involved with a secret distillery at Rocky Mountain International didn’t surprise her. What absolutely shocked her was Myffi’s involvement. Since when? That was so... more
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