Remington Burnham
Marissa's party was better, just saying
Thu May 3, 2018 13:17

As someone who took most of her self-confidence from how smart she was, it wasn’t easy for Remington to admit when she didn’t know how to do something. At the beach party last year, she’d admitted to Drew that she didn’t know how to swim, but he managed to get her in the water anyway, and it was kind of fun. From that, he’d offered to teach her how to swim, and the Draco swallowed her pride and said yes, please. It took them a while to get started, because she was super embarrassed (and still didn’t really want to wear her plain, purple, clingy one piece around anyone), but they were starting to get somewhere.

Drew wasn’t as good of a teacher as she was. Remington felt she was a pretty good teacher, since she helped people like Hunter with school stuff. What he lacked in skills, though, he made up for with kindness and patience. Whenever she got nervous or kind of scared, he’d make jokes and do a bunch of silly things to get her to laugh. She still felt extremely anxious when the water started to go above her waist, but when Drew was there, she knew it would be okay.

The thing Remington was even better at was being a student. As Drew’s swimming scholar, she’d started going to the Rec Center every so often in the early mornings. Catapult wasn’t thrilled, because the Draco wouldn’t take the cat with her. She didn’t know if Catapult liked or disliked water, but she didn’t particularly want to find out right now. In the early mornings, the Rec Center was mostly empty. An older student or two were usually there, but other than that, no one was there to see her make a fool of herself with her swimming or just with how she looked in her swim suit.

She tied her curls up as high as she could. She never wore her bows in the water. She knew she’d be able to magically waterproof them, but it still seemed like too much of a risk. Drew had worked with her the last time on floating on her back, so she thought she could practice that in the shallowest part of the pool. It still made her heart pound a lot whenever she leaned back and tried. They’d also been holding onto the edge and practicing kicking for when she was ready to start actually swimming. That part was coming easier to her. It was the floating that needed the most work.

The Draco wasn’t sure how long she’d been somewhat successfully floating on her back when she started to notice the little splashes. It had almost been relaxing. She breathed in and out, keeping her calm, making sure she stayed afloat. At first, she thought the splashes were another person joining her. Perhaps someone was practicing their swimming or they were doing laps or whatever it was people did in the water in the morning. Then something brushed under her leg, and that made her freak out.

She couldn’t help it; she shrieked in surprise. Remington’s arm shot out and she stopped floating. When she tried to find her footing in the shallow end, she quickly realized three things: this was no longer the shallow end, she was too far from the edges of the pool, and there were random fish splashing around her. The dark skinned girl screamed again and tried to pump her arms the way she’d seen Drew do it in the pool. Did he kick his legs, too? Thankfully, before things could start going terribly wrong as Remington continued to panic, someone swam by and started helping her to the pool’s edge.

Remington stammered out a very wet thank you and clung to the wall of the pool as tightly as she possibly could, afraid to move even an inch. Her vision felt a little blurry and she doubted she’d get control of her heart rate or breathing any time soon. “Th-thank you – why are there fish? What’s happening? Why?”

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    • Marissa's party was better, just saying - Remington Burnham, Thu May 3 13:17
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        • I suppose it could be worse - Remington, Mon May 7 08:30
          Not knowing how to swim was already embarrassing enough. Remington didn’t enjoy admitting that she didn’t know how to do something, but she could get herself to own up to it. It was easier with Drew. ... more
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