Maybe, Maybe Not
Thu May 3, 2018 14:38

Did she want to go to college? Honestly, no. Marissa didn’t have much of an interest. School was school. It wasn’t something she was super great at, and she definitely didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life. It seemed wasteful to go and pay a buttload of money to get a piece of paper that in no way guaranteed her a successful career or any more certainty that she was prepared to live her life. The appealing parts were that the social aspect seemed cool, especially if she managed to find a way to live with Holland and Rose, and it’d be the first time she’d been away from her family. She loved her family to pieces, but it’d be nice to go to a school where half the staff wasn’t related to her in some way. Or didn’t remember her as a toddler.

Marissa couldn’t say those things, though. Her parents were pretty relaxed with most things, but they were adamant about this: Marissa Kendrick needed to go to college. Garen helped her a lot with her applications, her school lists, and even her essays. She probably wouldn’t have cared this much if Rose didn’t care as much as she did. As much as she wanted Rose to go to college, she wanted to go with her. It’d be cool to see Rose succeed there and feel like she was a part of that, knowing full well that Rose would kick ass at any school without her.

Her freckled face blushed a little at Myffi’s compliment and said thanks. It seemed like forever ago since she threw the beach party. At the time, it felt like a success. It was the least bad a party had gone in recent memory. She sometimes imagined throwing another party before she graduated, but she thought that no one had really noticed their absence yet. Maybe Myffi had. That made her smile a little more.

Her heart started to race a little more when Myffi held up the letter to open. Oh god, this really was happening. It was another rejection. Maybe she could just not tell anyone this time. She wouldn’t have to deal with the disappointed looks poorly masked with sympathy. No one needed to know. It was a dumb college anyway. She didn’t even want to go there.

“You’ve totally been accepted.”

“You’re kidding me,” Marissa blinked, completely thrown. Her expression went from confused, to happy, back to confused because she was supposed to be happy but wasn’t really, to relieved because wow, at least she’d gotten in somewhere. “Thank you. Wow, oh my god, I could kiss you right now.”

Then Myffi got excited too, and she asked Marissa if she could keep a secret. The Aquila’s eyes lit up. “Oh, absolutely I can. What is it?”

  • Is truth subjective? - Myfanwy, Thu May 3 11:38
    Marissa didn’t really answer the question, in Myffi’s opinion. She just said that she already had a rejection letter over midterm, so Myffi surmised that Marissa really wanted to go to college. Maybe ... more
    • Maybe, Maybe Not - Marissa, Thu May 3 14:38
      • Those are the options - Myffi, Thu May 3 15:35
        When Myffi declared she’d been accepted, Marissa was rightfully thrilled by the news. She did look surprised though, which just went to show what a knock to a person’s confidence could do. Or was she ... more
        • Maybe so - Marissa, Fri May 4 13:28
          Somehow, the news that Ruben was involved with a secret distillery at Rocky Mountain International didn’t surprise her. What absolutely shocked her was Myffi’s involvement. Since when? That was so... more
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