Maybe so
Fri May 4, 2018 13:28

Somehow, the news that Ruben was involved with a secret distillery at Rocky Mountain International didn’t surprise her. What absolutely shocked her was Myffi’s involvement. Since when? That was so cool! Everything about this conversation made Marissa instantly regret not getting to know the transfer sooner.

“What? Oh my god, that’s awesome.” Marissa’s face fully showed her appreciation for their work. And then Myffi offered to share some with her to celebrate! The redhead felt speechless. What would Ruben think about that? She didn’t particularly care, but making him mad probably wasn’t something that would go well for Myffi. If she thought about it, though, it was pretty much guaranteed that Ruben had told someone about their experiment. She wondered if Myffi told anyone else. It would be even nicer if Marissa happened to be the first person she told.

She grinned and nodded, standing up when Myffi suggested. “Okay. I’ll stop on my way. I have an in with the house elves and the poltergeist. I’m sure one of them can find us a mixer that you can drink.” They may not have known each other well, but Marissa was totally aware of Myffi’s diet.

“And if you still want to kiss me, that’s totally an option.”

Wow, she really didn’t know Myffi well at all.

Marissa blushed under all of her freckles and smiled a lot. Her stomach twisted in an excited, good, adrenaline-y way, and her heart did a few quick somersaults to match. “Be careful, I may just take you up on that.” She winked back at the other girl. “Alright. Rock wall in five minutes. I can do that. And I’ll see what I can scrounge up on the way.”

This was already turning out to be the best day of seventh year by leaps and bounds.

  • Those are the options - Myffi, Thu May 3 15:35
    When Myffi declared she’d been accepted, Marissa was rightfully thrilled by the news. She did look surprised though, which just went to show what a knock to a person’s confidence could do. Or was she ... more
    • Maybe so - Marissa, Fri May 4 13:28
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