Susan Bradby
Fishes ruin everything
Sat May 5, 2018 01:00

Swilling the dregs at the bottom of her malt milk, Susan sighed. Her first year at RMI was nearing the end and she still hadn’t made a lot of friends. It was humiliating and to be honest, she could not figure out how she had become such a recluse. She was a jolly little girl and did have lots of friends back home. But now, when over the summer, when she wouldn’t get a single letter from friends, Ivory was going to be so pitiful to her. She would probably offer her insipid ‘hot chocolate’. ‘My own recipe,’ she would simper, ‘made with fairy dust and elf piss!’… Susan let her imagination run loose for a moment before she gathered her thoughts again. She looked at the plate of cookies in front of her. She had had only one with her drink and did not feel like eating another one.

She had homework to do, but she wanted to talk to someone. She thought she would go swimming in the Rec Center to take her mind off things. She liked swimming, though she wasn’t very good at it. She usually splashed a little too much to be called a graceful swimmer but it was fun. She left the Finer Diner, went straight to her room in the Lyra dorms. She had not specifically brought a swimsuit but she had a pair of yellow shorts and pink tank top that was appropriate ‘poolwear’. She quickly put them on and waddled off to the Rec Center.

The large room was almost empty barring a few students lounging here and there. Susan put down her set of dry clothes and towel and was about to jump into the pool but a strange flurry of activity in the water. What on earth.. She kneeled down by the edge of the pool and leaned forward, squinting her eyes.

The sight made her gasp audibly. “Fishes!” she exclaimed. Scores of fishes were swimming in the water, thrashing about. Where could they have come from? Did anyone want to turn the swimming pool into a huge aquarium? She sat back, glumly looking at the fishes. All she had wanted was to swim and relax. And even that is gone now. Why. She was about to leave when she heard a scream.

Jumping in surprise, Susan flipped her head around to see where the distress call was coming from. There, at the other end of the pool, someone was struggling to get out and shrieking in panic. Susan ran as quickly as her short legs could carry her and skidded to a halt in front of the person shouting for help. The girl was splatter in the water among the writhing fishes. Susan extended her hand, but it was too far. Hesitating for a moment, she slipped into the pool. Immediately the cold water and a couple of fishes slithering past her waist made her shiver. But before she could rethink her plan, she swam forward in her signature clumsy manner and pulled the older girl towards the edge.

She heaved herself out of the pool, followed by the other girl.

“Oh, don’t mention. I don’t know why they are here,” said Susan, panting, as the girl thanked her and inquired about the fishes. “It’s awful, they’re ruining the pool.” She tried not to sound whiny. She gasped, to get more air into her lungs- she was small for her age and the girl was older. Pulling her to safety had knocked her breath out. “I’m Susan, by the way. Nice to meet you… though this wasn’t ideal,” she said. She couldn’t help but giggle a little at the situation.

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