I suppose it could be worse
Mon May 7, 2018 08:30

Not knowing how to swim was already embarrassing enough. Remington didn’t enjoy admitting that she didn’t know how to do something, but she could get herself to own up to it. It was easier with Drew. She was comfortable with him and knew he wouldn’t judge her. He was one of her best friends. Dade probably knew she couldn’t swim. She’d mentioned the swimming lessons to him, so it wasn’t like she was hiding it.

This was different, though, because she was so scared of the fish and the deep end and everything. And now a first year was dragging her out of the pool.

If it had been an older student, it wouldn’t be as bad. Lots of the older kids were athletic and cool. Rose, Dade’s older sister, was super good at magic and athletic and did a million things. Remington wouldn’t have minded being saved by her. She imagined she might be like Rose when she was older. At least, she’d definitely be as busy. Even now, the Draco knew that colleges would be looking at her classes and her extracurricular choices. It was too bad she couldn’t list her secret club on any resumes, but that would be against the point of it all. It was a secret.

Ruben would’ve been an okay choice, too. She was pretty comfortable with him by now. They spent enough time together that she was even okay at sassing him back when he got particularly sarcastic and teased her. He was all muscle-y, too, so he wouldn’t have issues getting her out of the pool. He definitely wouldn’t be out of breath, like the first year in front of her, and that made her flush more. She was gasping; that’s how out of breath she was. Remington worked to catch her breath too, and she wrapped her arms around herself self-consciously. Ruben wouldn’t need to gasp for air after dragging her out of the water, because he could probably lift things… heavier than her (Remington bit the inside of her cheek, hating herself for almost using the word fat) with one hand.

This was so, so embarrassing.

“Remington,” she coughed, finding air herself. Between nursing her ego and her freaked out lungs, she had a lot going through her racing mind. “It’s nice to meet you too. I, uh, didn’t expect the fish. Clearly.” She wished she could wrap herself in her towel and pretend she wasn’t talking to someone while wearing just a swimsuit. She wished Drew were here. She wished a lot of things. Wishing didn’t create reality, though, and her towel was on the other side of the pool. She shivered slightly. “I don’t know what’s going on with the school lately. This stuff isn’t normal.”

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    • I suppose it could be worse - Remington, Mon May 7 08:30
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