Nolan Ramsey
Gone fishing
Fri May 11, 2018 13:12

Nolan had gone to the Rec Center in the afternoon with the idea of seeing if anyone would want to play Exploding Snap or pool or something. He wasn’t picky about who he played with or what game they played. When he got there, the pool was full of fish. Like, so full of them that the fish kept bumping into each other when they were trying to swim around. So… that was new.

At home there was a lake near the ranch where Nolan and his dad went fishing sometimes. If they caught any largemouth bass or other big fish they brought them home for dinner. Nolan’s mom made a really good pan-fried bass. Nolan didn’t care about having a sustainable ecosystem and protecting animals as much as Myffi did, but most of the food they had at home was local—at least the produce and meat were from either their garden or neighbors’ farms. Stuff like flour and sugar and some cheeses was store-bought, because it was just way more convenient.

Anyway Nolan didn’t miss fishing so much as he understood this stocked pool was probably a one-time event that he might as well take advantage of. It just seemed like a good idea at the time, even if he didn’t know what he would do if he caught a fish. It turned out that with a pool cue, a screaming yoyo, a paperclip, and a few spells, you could mock up a decent fishing rod, as long as you didn’t mind that it screamed when you cast it. Nolan sat down on the edge of the pool and cast a line.

Now he just had to hope that Myffi wouldn’t show up. He was pretty sure that she would not approve, because it wasn’t like Nolan was going to eat the fish, and he didn’t want a lecture about harming trout. Myffi probably wouldn’t hear an argument about how he was controlling a surplus population (since the fish were very much not supposed to be in the Rec Center pool) because the fishhook caused them a little pain. Also he was planning to catch and release anyway, because the house elves probably wouldn’t cook it for him if he brought a live trout to the kitchens, so he wasn’t really doing population control.

About twenty minutes later it was clear that none of the fish were interested in his hook. Not a surprise considering he didn’t have anything they’d be interested in. As another student approached, Nolan glanced up. “Got any food?” he asked. “Nothing’s biting without bait. Pretty sure they’re trout, so they’ll eat anything.”

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    • Gone fishing - Nolan Ramsey, Fri May 11 13:12
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