Marley Chapman
Birthday Splash
Thu Feb 16, 2017 20:07

It was January 13, which was the best day in the whole year after Christmas. Well, most people probably didn’t think so. January seemed to get a bad rep, at least among her peers, because it meant the holidays were over and they all had to go back to routines and classes and stuff like that, and those things weren’t always boring but weren’t always not-boring, either.

But Marley wasn’t most people and January 13 happened to be her birthday. So there.

What was especially neat about this birthday was that she was turning thirteen, too. It made her feel a little guilty about having a January birthday. She hadn’t minded celebrating at RMI last year, but if she had been born a couple weeks earlier, then she would have still been at home and could’ve really bugged her mum about it. The Sicilian witch had gotten teary-eyed on New Years and started reminiscing about how her girl was ‘growing up so fast’. Marley had seen her mum cry only once before, and that was when a car jack had failed and literally crushed her shoulder so that was totally different from, like, emotional-crying. It was weird.

It was made a bit less weird when her Uncle Aaron, who had stayed up to midnight with them, encouraged the sniffling woman to lie down on the sofa and covered her with a blanket. She had almost immediately fallen asleep and Aaron had explained she was just tired, throwing in a not-very-suble glance at the empty wine bottle on the coffee table. Tired plus a bottle of wine meant weepy Mum. Yes, that was a bit less weird, but only a bit.

Anyways. It was January 13, and that was Marley’s birthday, and so far she had accomplished exactly 0 things that either of her parents would consider ‘productive’, and that was ideal.

She had woken up early, eaten half a chocolate cake for breakfast, decided to skip her morning classes, and sat in the middle of the hallway with her new sketchbook drawing people’s shoes as they walked past. When her pencil broke, she went outside instead, attempted to keep up her training by running a lap around the Quidditch Pitch, gave up halfway around, and instead went frog hunting. She’d caught a purple-speckled Singing Frog and a bright orange Two-Tongued Frog, realized the two species apparently hated each other, and released them in different patches of grass. She had then gone back inside, eaten half an orange cake for lunch, and decided she might as well skip her afternoon classes, too.

Cue her present location, shimmying into a bathing suit in the changerooms. Marley hadn’t gone swimming in forever. Her suit was new and had a scaly teal pattern on it that reminded her of mermaids, like that cool older person in Lyra who had sometimes-teal-ish hair and dressed up as a mermaid for Halloween. Marley wanted to be that cool. Marley also wanted to be a mermaid, but that was gonna be a little harder.

Heading into the pool area, a cloud of tight dark curls bouncing merrily around her head, Marley half-skipped/half-slid over to the big waterfall at one end and began the careful climb up around magicked ferns and other vaguely tropical plants. There was a rocky ledge that she’d jumped off last year... okay, so it hadn’t really been forever since she last went swimming. When she clambered onto the rock, she peered around the pool, brown eyes lighting mischievously as she spied someone swimming nearby. “Look out below!” she shouted, not giving them time to get out of the way (but making sure she wouldn’t actually hit them, of course) as she leapt off, arms curling around her legs to make a big, cannonball-splash. “Woooo!”

    • A good way to celebrate! - Holland Keene, Sat Feb 18 19:51
      The thing about swimwear, Holland thought, was that there were a lot of options if you wanted to showcase your chest and pelvic area, and not so many if you wanted to be more modest. Holland just... more
      • It's like a birthday bash, but more fun - Marley, Sun Feb 19 00:35
        Eyes squeezed tightly shut, Marley bubbled underwater. She’d forgotten how satisfying landing was. There was a bit of leftover pain from smacking the water, but the feeling of her self-generated... more
        • Everything is better with splashing - Holland, Sun Feb 19 14:32
          People who voluntarily went out for Beater were, in Holland’s opinion, a bit insane. Marley hadn’t totally come into it yet, but there was a little spark of madness there, they thought, as the... more
          • Everything? That's a risky statement - Marley, Mon Feb 20 01:47
            “Holland!” she echoed brightly. “Awesome.” The way Holland had responsed made her-or-him seem amused that Marley had forgotten his-or-her name. That was good. It was always better when her... more
            • But I stand by it - Holland, Mon Feb 27 23:36
              Marley’s story about her mom using her middle name baffled Holland, whose middle name was used to refer to them about as frequently as gendered pronouns. They didn’t even get “Holland Skylar Keene”d... more
              • Oh, good! I like firm opinions! - Marley , Sat Mar 4 19:55
                She beamed brightly at the birthday wishes. “Thanks! I already ate, like, so much cake today. But none with candles, yet. It doesn’t make sense to blow out candles on your own.” That was the downside ... more
                • Then you came to the right place - Holland, Sun Mar 5 17:07
                  Both always was a good way of putting it. Holland had practice explaining what non-binary meant. Once they got to RMI, they had realized it was a good idea to have an elevator speech about their... more
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