Petra Stiglitz
You forgot a tacklebox
Tue May 15, 2018 23:54

Petra heard that there were fish in the pool. The girl didn’t often frequent the Rec Center, although she had on occasion because what else was there to do when she was bored? It was nice to go for a swim and watch the waterfall or even play a round of pool with one of the other students. Pool wasn’t a game she understood yet, but with practice she was definitely getting better at it. But that didn’t matter right now because fish. Normally, she wouldn’t be interested in something like that but it had piqued her interest. She liked to watch them swim and bump into each other, and sometimes they would jump out of streams and such and that was pretty cool.

She’d tried to teach Tavin’s pet goldfish tricks but all it had done was swim around look stupid all day. Tavin had said that it was because it was his fish and would only listen to him. Petra had thoughtfully informed him that it was because it was a fish and was stupid. According to Tavin, Petra was the stupid one. In Momma’s opinion, they were both stupid and that was the end of that particular attempt at teaching a fish to be something more than it was. Her hope was that these fish would be infinitely more interesting than Tavin’s goldy – after all they were in a magical school. That had to count for something right?

Upon entering the Rec Center, the Aquila could hear the fish splashing about in the pool. She was fairly certain that she could see them from a distance as well, but she could have been wrong. In any case, she made her way over to the poolside. Petra couldn’t help but giggle at the group of fish all darting about, colliding into each other without any cares in the world. There was another student nearby with what looked to be a fishing pole, but when he’d cast it, it had let out a horrifying screeching noise. She chose to ignore it, instead turning back to the fish so that she could decide whether or not one was worth training.

”Got any food?”

Petra frowned as the student stopped her and asked if she had any food. She didn’t, as she didn’t make a habit of carrying snacks on her, but she could remember some of the things that her Uncle Stanos used when he went fishing. Uncle Stanos was a muggle and sometimes took all the siblings to do fun things. Once, he had taken the boys fishing and Petra had insisted on going. It had been boring, but she’d definitely liked learning about the muggle pastime. As such, the blonde girl reached around to the back of her head and pulled out her ponytail holder, blonde curls falling around her face. “I don’t have food,” she said, but offered the hair tie with fake feathers. “But Uncle Stanos sometimes uses something like this when he goes fishing.” She extended it out to the other student. “Do you think it would work? It could be worth a try right?”

  • Gone fishing - Nolan Ramsey, Fri May 11 13:12
    Nolan had gone to the Rec Center in the afternoon with the idea of seeing if anyone would want to play Exploding Snap or pool or something. He wasn’t picky about who he played with or what game they... more
    • You forgot a tacklebox - Petra Stiglitz, Tue May 15 23:54
      • At least you have a lure - Nolan, Mon May 21 12:01
        He knew the girl vaguely. RMI was a lot bigger than the clases he’d taken before he’d transferred in, but it was still a pretty small school. Nolan and Petra were both in Aquila, and she was only two ... more
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