At least you have a lure
Mon May 21, 2018 12:01

He knew the girl vaguely. RMI was a lot bigger than the clases he’d taken before he’d transferred in, but it was still a pretty small school. Nolan and Petra were both in Aquila, and she was only two years below so sometimes they had classes together. She was pretty good at Magizoobotany, and as far as Nolan was concerned, one of the best people to work with when the fifth and third years had classes together.

And apparently she was someone who walked around with a makeshift fishing lure in her hair. Nolan took the item Petra was offering him and inspected it. Not as good as bait, but maybe something wavy and colorful would attract the fish. “Yeah, let’s give it a shot. Thanks, Petra.” He reeled in the line (it didn’t scream on the way in) and caught the unbarbed paperclip hook. The feathered thing she’d given him had a stretchy band, so he wrapped it around the metal a few times until it seemed secure enough to withstand.

Aaaaaaah!” the rod shrieked as he cast it again.

Nolan snickered. “Sorry. Guess that’s what happens when you use a screaming yoyo for a line. You wanna join?” He liked fishing well enough, but it wasn’t a great solo activity because most of the time, fishing was kind of boring. You needed someone else to talk to during the parts where you were just waiting for ripples on the water or the tug on the line to tell you you’d gotten something.

Unlike the lakes in Oklahoma, the RMI pool had clear water, so he could see the fish swimming around. He was pretty sure these fish were a lot more densely-packed than they should be—and that there were more of them already than when he’d gotten here. Where were they all coming from? Surely one of them would be interested in the bright, feathery thing. “If you grab a pool cue, a yoyo, and something for a hook, I can make you a rod too.”

  • You forgot a tacklebox - Petra Stiglitz, Tue May 15 23:54
    Petra heard that there were fish in the pool. The girl didn’t often frequent the Rec Center, although she had on occasion because what else was there to do when she was bored? It was nice to go for a ... more
    • At least you have a lure - Nolan, Mon May 21 12:01
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