Eugene Hardie
I ain't afraid of no ghost
Tue Jul 31, 2018 16:41

RMI had lot’s of fun clubs but Eugene couldn’t join any of them because he was too young, or too short or because Leopold was on the team and Eugene did not want to be responsible if Leopold fell off his broom because he was too worried looking over his shoulder to make sure his little brother didn’t get squashed by a bludger- an outcome Eugene hadn’t even thought of until he told Leopold he wanted to sign up! Even though he was getting to play the spoons in the musical Eugene still wanted to be part of a proper club and since Eugene’s new mentor Katherine had a special club with her friends Eugene didn’t see why he couldn’t have a club with all his friends. The main problem was Eugene didn’t have a lot of friends yet so he was going to have to go about it backwards and set the club up first.

He had heard advertising was a pretty important part of setting up any club so he’d stuck a little paper sign beside the entrance to the Rec Centre, the message was scrawled in orange crayon and read: DETECTIVE CLUB-APPLY WITHIN- he’d also drawn a smiley face because he didn’t want people to think Detective Club wasn’t fun. But of course it wasn’t really a detective club, no, Eugene was setting up another Ghost Hunting Club. He advertised it as Detective Club because he thought that would appeal to the same people as his Ghost Hunting Club but without giving the game away to any ghosts who might be floating around. Secrecy was a Very Important part of Ghost Hunting Club. He didn’t want the ghosts to get all spooked and hide in extra tight nooks and crannies where Eugene wouldn’t be able to find them.

He’d even cut eye holes in his bed sheet so that he could throw it over his head and blend in with all the ghosts- that way he’d be able to get good intel on them and maybe even become friends with the ghosts. Having never actually met a ghost Eugene wasn’t sure if they even could be friendly but he hoped so mostly because Eugene knew that the AgriClub had bonfire parties so maybe if the club was successful and they all made lots of ghost buddies they could have a celebratory bonfire party! Eugene wasn’t supposed to play with fire but he thought it would be alright if they had ghost friends attending because Eugene didn’t think a ghost could get burnt on account of them being all transparent and not alive and stuff. That meant the ghosts could do all the cooking, or maybe it was rude to make a ghost the chef if they couldn’t eat the food after? Eugene assumed they couldn’t eat because he was pretty sure they didn’t have mouths and he’d never heard of an obese ghost, being dead had to be kind of boring, so if a ghost could eat it definitely would, like all the time. Anyway, Eugene would worry about all that when they actually caught a ghost. Right now his priority was snatching a club member or two.

Eugene found himself a chair and settled down to watch the entrance for someone who looked stealthy enough to sneak up on a ghost or at the very least enthusiastic but that turned out to be booring work. After only a few minutes he leapt up from his chair and bounced over to the first person he saw, clutching his bed sheet-turned-ghost-disguise under his arm. “Hey,” he called out, smiling brightly at them, displaying each of his dimples, “do you wanna be in my ghost-er-my detective club?”

    • Neither am I! - Keith Allen, Wed Aug 8 17:21
      Keith was enjoying his term at RMI he was having fun on the Quidditch team, he liked being a stage manager for the theater. The classes were a lot better this term, and he felt that being able to do... more
      • Welcome to the team - Eugene, Sun Aug 19 10:16
        “Well,” Eugene said, eyes darting suspiciously around the room, “it isn’t really a detective club. I just said that because it’s a super secret club so we don’t want them to know what we’re up to.”... more
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