Keith Allen
Neither am I!
Wed Aug 8, 2018 17:21

Keith was enjoying his term at RMI he was having fun on the Quidditch team, he liked being a stage manager for the theater. The classes were a lot better this term, and he felt that being able to do homework with Jesse made things a lot easier. The second year had written a glowing letter to his Dad earlier in the week describing all the fun he was having and exactly what they were learning. Keith liked writing letters, but he sure wished he could just call his mom. It took forever to get letters from them as his mom didn’t use owls like his dad did. I

That day Keith had been debating on finishing his potions essay, going back to the rock climbing wall or going to the Rec center for a swim. After a bit of debate, the second year decided on swimming. He had yet to go to the rec center this term, and it really sounded excellent. The hazel eye boy wore a black t-shirt, and colorful blue and orange swim trunks down to the rec center. He pushed the door open ignoring any and all signs around them. He was too focused on his intended goal.

Suddenly though he was stopped in his tracks and was greeted by a kid clutching a sheet and asking if he wanted to be in a ghost or detective club. The blonde Draco blinked at the kid he knew by sight but not by name. Keith wasn’t practically good with names, and so far this year he had avoided partnering up with firsties. It wasn’t that Keith was opposed to first years, but he didn’t want to be a teacher he wanted to learn, and it was easier to learn with second and third years. Or so he assumed.

Keith honestly didn’t want to join any more clubs, but he also didn’t want to be super mean. “Uh what club is it?” he asked looking over the kid. He glanced longingly at the pool hoping this interaction wouldn’t take too long.

  • I ain't afraid of no ghost - Eugene Hardie , Tue Jul 31 16:41
    RMI had lot’s of fun clubs but Eugene couldn’t join any of them because he was too young, or too short or because Leopold was on the team and Eugene did not want to be responsible if Leopold fell off ... more
    • Neither am I! - Keith Allen, Wed Aug 8 17:21
      • Welcome to the team - Eugene, Sun Aug 19 10:16
        “Well,” Eugene said, eyes darting suspiciously around the room, “it isn’t really a detective club. I just said that because it’s a super secret club so we don’t want them to know what we’re up to.”... more
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