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Sun Aug 19, 2018 10:16

“Well,” Eugene said, eyes darting suspiciously around the room, “it isn’t really a detective club. I just said that because it’s a super secret club so we don’t want them to know what we’re up to.”

He grabbed the other boy by the hand and began to direct him toward the corner of the room, away from any nosy swimmers, or ghosts that might be hiding under the water. You could never be too careful and it would be very hard to spot floating eyeballs in a pool. Once he felt safely situated away from any sneaky ghosts (and/or spies paid by ghosts) he pulled the sheet from under his arm and shook it out to display a crumpled homemade ghost costume. “I only have one disguise ready right now but I can make you one too.” Eugene didn’t think his roommate, Tycho would be too upset if he borrowed their sheet. It might be a bit sticky but that could work to their advantage. He could pick up dust and fingerprints just brushing past the ghosts- oh wait- that wasn’t right. Ghosts couldn’t have fingerprints without any fingers! Or maybe they did have fingers? Like how did ghosts carry around axes or throw jelly at people’s heads if they didn’t have fingers? Did you have to be a magic person to be a ghost and use your magic brainwaves to do all that ghost stuff?

Eugene pushed his thick-framed glasses further up his nose and tried to force himself to focus on the recruitment process. He could find out the answers to all his ghost questions when they actually found some floaty fellows. Which reminded him, he’d forgot to tell his new friend what club he’d actually joined.

“Wait here,” Eugene demanded with some urgency, before darting off to retrieve his pen and notebook. On his return he flipped it open to a page which was blank except for a messy scrawl of writing which read ‘Members: Captain Hardie’. “That’s me,” Eugene said importantly, pointing to the lone signature, “except you don’t have to call me Captain Hardie, you can just call me, Eugene. And now if you just sign your name right below mine you can be the vice-captain. So you’re in on the secret and I can tell you all about the club!”

  • Neither am I! - Keith Allen, Wed Aug 8 17:21
    Keith was enjoying his term at RMI he was having fun on the Quidditch team, he liked being a stage manager for the theater. The classes were a lot better this term, and he felt that being able to do... more
    • Welcome to the team - Eugene, Sun Aug 19 10:16
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