Try mind over matter
Sun Sep 30, 2018 09:40

It was Teal.


Teal Teal Teal Teal Teal Teal.

Raja had pretty much immediately developed a crush on her when he first got to RMI. He had actually intended to ask her out, but she was a year older than him, and he was waiting until he could go to Pearl Street so there was actually somewhere to take her. But by the time that checkpoint was reached, Teal was dating Marley Chapman. Which had been… well, Raja wasn’t the kind to be particularly overdramatic, but “devastating” might have been the closest word to how he felt. The girls were together for a good while there - maybe it was a whole year? - and in that time, he’d put aside his feelings and gotten over it.

At least, that was what he’d thought. But then Teal was suddenly single, and he just couldn’t help thinking about it again. It was hopeless now, though, because obviously she liked girls. That was both terrible and good: terrible for obvious reasons, but good because there was less pressure for him.

But she seemed pretty excited about playing chess with him, so maybe Teal was still happy to be his friend at least. Or maybe she just really liked chess. That would’ve made sense too; she was pretty smart. “That’s likely,” he grinned, somewhere between sarcastic and self-depreciating. The line on which he lived.

He sat opposite her at the table and began setting the pieces for his side. “Totally,” he joked back at her question. “Nah, just trying to keep active. Swimming is great for basically everything. Every muscle, every system - it’s great.” The Aquila glanced down at the board, noticing it seemed that all pieces were set. “Oh, looks like you’ve got the white pieces. So you’re up first.”

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