It's the mind that matters
Thu Oct 4, 2018 20:38

She’d forgotten how cute Raja was when he smiled (he was always cute. But like. When he smiled? Ahhhh). And now he was talking about muscles. Her eyes involuntarily flicked down to his naked shirtless chest, which was not entirely muscle-free. If he kept this up, he’d get buff, hopefully. Teal forced herself to look away, making a noncommital “mhmm” sound in reply.

She hadn’t actually been this close to a shirtless boy before. Not that they were close-close, not like she and whats-his-name had been at that party over New Year’s, but she was close enough to see Raja’s dark hair glistening. It probably would feel soft. She glanced over at him again, squeezing a protesting knight, and tried not to blush.

”You’re up first!” Chess, right. She nodded to get herself in game mode. Teal hadn’t meant to grab the white pieces. Going first gave you a big advantage in chess, and she hadn’t deliberately disadvantaged Raja. He was already at a disadvantage, because Teal was great at chess (so long as she could focus on the game and not her opponent). And after talking smack, she had to win now. An evil thought came to her mind. Raja, at one point, had liked-liked her. Maybe he still did? If he did, maybe he’d be distracted enough to fall for something Teal had wanted to try for a long time. She hadn’t had anyone to try it out on; Violet didn’t play chess, and Mom and Dad recognized it. All she had to do was keep him off guard…

“King’s pawn to E4,” she said, and watched the little white figurine march forward one square. “So, how’s life in the fourth year?” Teal asked far too casually. “Any cute transfers? Take anyone to Pearl Street?” She smiled an innocent smile-- which, to anyone who knew her, meant she was 100% up to no good.

  • Try mind over matter - Raja, Sun Sep 30 09:40
    It was Teal. Teal. Teal Teal Teal Teal Teal Teal. Raja had pretty much immediately developed a crush on her when he first got to RMI. He had actually intended to ask her out, but she was a year older ... more
    • It's the mind that matters - Teal, Thu Oct 4 20:38
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