DJ Finn
Are you sure?
Thu Nov 29, 2018 17:01

DJ would officially say he was settled into RMI. He had a few people he would tentatively call friends. Remington and Dakota both seemed like good people. He wasn’t sure if they both knew each other but he figured he would find out this summer. Uncle Riley had ok’ed DJ having a birthday party in July and he knew for sure those two would be on the guest list. He figured he’d invite one or two people from Wallow too. He would keep it small it was always best to keep the parties small at Uncle Riley’s there would be too many people just wanting to come to hang out in a huge mansion.

Today though it seemed like both Dakota and Remington had vanished from RMI. He knew they were probably out on Pearl Street a place DJ had yet to explore. The fourth-year figured he could have one of his new friends show him around sometime soon. For now, though he was headed to the recreation center. This had quickly become his favorite place. He loved to swim and would often just go hop in the pool at any time.

As he entered the portrait of Alec stated that the garb he wore was unrefined. DJ wasn’t sure why RMI would let this dude stand guard over a place of fun but to each their own he guess. He didn’t think his garb was too bad. He wore a pair of shorts that were charmed to be water resistant like swimming trunks, a black hoody with the hood up, and sneakers with no socks.

He was just heading to the pool when he heard and save another boy waving at him. The kid introduced himself as Drew Tennant and that Dakota and Remington had said they were friends before inviting him to play pool. He grinned hearing that both of the people he had made connections with also considered him friends. “Hey, yeah DJ.,” he said and then nodded at Drew. “Sure I’ll play. Are you related to the counselor?”

He hadn’t heard the name Tennant before coming here now there were two of them. He figured Drew was probably somehow related but he didn’t want to assume anything. DJ started to head towards where the cues were stored.

  • This is not an interrogation [tag: DJ] - Andrew Tennant, Thu Nov 29 13:01
    Lately there was less of Kit’s usual antics for Drew to deal with, mostly because she and Darlene were getting along and she didn’t have an acromantula anymore. (Drew had liked Darby and he kinda... more
    • Are you sure? - DJ Finn, Thu Nov 29 17:01
      • Would I lie to you? - Drew, Fri Nov 30 20:48
        Drew wouldn’t have expected his reputation to precede him with a relatively recent transfer, but honestly he shouldn’t have been surprised. All the transfers had to talk to Garen Tennant to work out... more
        • Yes? - DJ, Wed Dec 5 19:12
          DJ grabbed the chalk after Drew dropped it as he answered that Tennant was his dad and that McKindy was his stepdad. DJ hadn’t known that either man was gay but he had heard Uncle Riley mention how... more
          • Okay, you got me - Drew, Sat Dec 8 22:07
            “ That’s cool both seem like cool dudes. ” Drew didn’t know about that, but he shrugged affirmatively anyway. They weren’t the most embarrassing dads in the world (for example, Scott existed) but... more
            • You shouldn't lie to people! - DJ, Sun Dec 9 10:15
              Drew shrugged at his comment about being cool dudes, and DJ laughed. “No one ever thinks their parents are cool. I meant like they don’t seem to be super embarrassing. Like I said my Dad makes Dad... more
              • That’s no fun - Drew, Wed Dec 12 21:59
                Okay well DJ was right, Dad and Aaron weren’t super embarrassing. Of the staff couples they probably did the least PDA, which was a relief. And they never did anything nearly as mortifying as what DJ ... more
                • DJ watched as Drew leaned over the pool table and answered his question about McKindy showing him the spells he was working on. "That's cool. My parents are insane. Once a hex is stable they have my... more
                  • You go first - Drew, Wed Dec 19 20:08
                    “ My parents are insane, ” said DJ, and then described something that did in fact sound insane to Drew. Aaron talked about the spells he worked on, sure, but he didn’t usually have Drew or Madeleine... more
                    • Ducks love Goat Milk - DJ, Thu Dec 20 09:40
                      Drew stated that Dakota and Remington were not friends. Well, that sucked. It would've been nice to have a friendship group instead of a few scattered friends. Especially since he had learned from... more
                      • Nutella is healthy - Drew, Mon Dec 24 10:35
                        You could’ve knocked Drew over with a jobberknoll feather. All right, maybe DJ was not a suitable candidate for Second Sane Man, because—well—okay, so it wasn’t that Drew didn’t believe Dade about... more
                        • Nutella is made out of cabbage - DJ, Sat Dec 29 23:43
                          DJ hadn't thought about how it would come off to Drew that he had taken Dakota's side. After all, DJ had heard her side first. The fourth-year figured Drew was sugar coating things to make smooth... more
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