It's like a birthday bash, but more fun
Sun Feb 19, 2017 00:35

Eyes squeezed tightly shut, Marley bubbled underwater. She’d forgotten how satisfying landing was. There was a bit of leftover pain from smacking the water, but the feeling of her self-generated waves rocking against her body was comfortable, and she floated there for a moment before paddling blindly back up to the surface. “Thanks!” Marley grinned brightly at the compliment, looking over to see none other than the same older Lyra whom she had briefly thought about earlier.

“Oh, wait! You’re...” She paused, brown eyes staring blankly into space as she tried to think of the right name. Of course Marley knew her-or-him, in the sense that she recognized his-or-her face and awesome hair. And she-or-he was also on the Quidditch team. They had probably exchanged names before, maybe last year, or she should’ve at least heard Frankie saying her-or-his name at some point. Marley, admittedly, didn’t tend to pay very much attention to her team members. During practices and games she was usually pretty focused on her own stuff, like not dropping the heavy bat, or hitting bludgers in the centre instead of on the edge where they’d spiral off at weird angles (since she wasn’t good enough yet to control that and had already come close to hitting their own Chasers a couple times).

After a moment, Marley remembered that he-or-she was named after a country or city or something like that. And she was about eighty-percent certain it started with an H, so she just started optimistically rattling off options. “You’re Ho...nduras? Honolulu? Hong Kong!” She cut herself off at that and giggled. “That’d be a great name. I mean, kids are kinda mean sometimes so they might try to tease you and call you King Kong, but King Kong is the type of nickname that you could, like, really own, you know? It’s got power!” She punctuated this statement with an emphatic two-handed gesture, or tried to. Having momentarily forgetting to keep treading water in her excitement, she toppled over sideways.

“Whoops. Umm well, did I get your name right? Mine’s Marley,” she added cheerfully as she regained her balance, vigorously shaking a clump of waterlogged curls out of her face. “In case you didn’t know, either. But like, I know who you are, I just don’t remember names very well.” Realizing she should probably stop talking in order to let him-or-her answer (and to breathe too) she made herself pause, blinking expectantly.

  • A good way to celebrate! - Holland Keene, Sat Feb 18 19:51
    The thing about swimwear, Holland thought, was that there were a lot of options if you wanted to showcase your chest and pelvic area, and not so many if you wanted to be more modest. Holland just... more
    • It's like a birthday bash, but more fun - Marley, Sun Feb 19 00:35
      • Everything is better with splashing - Holland, Sun Feb 19 14:32
        People who voluntarily went out for Beater were, in Holland’s opinion, a bit insane. Marley hadn’t totally come into it yet, but there was a little spark of madness there, they thought, as the... more
        • Everything? That's a risky statement - Marley, Mon Feb 20 01:47
          “Holland!” she echoed brightly. “Awesome.” The way Holland had responsed made her-or-him seem amused that Marley had forgotten his-or-her name. That was good. It was always better when her... more
          • But I stand by it - Holland, Mon Feb 27 23:36
            Marley’s story about her mom using her middle name baffled Holland, whose middle name was used to refer to them about as frequently as gendered pronouns. They didn’t even get “Holland Skylar Keene”d... more
            • Oh, good! I like firm opinions! - Marley , Sat Mar 4 19:55
              She beamed brightly at the birthday wishes. “Thanks! I already ate, like, so much cake today. But none with candles, yet. It doesn’t make sense to blow out candles on your own.” That was the downside ... more
              • Then you came to the right place - Holland, Sun Mar 5 17:07
                Both always was a good way of putting it. Holland had practice explaining what non-binary meant. Once they got to RMI, they had realized it was a good idea to have an elevator speech about their... more
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