That’s no fun
Wed Dec 12, 2018 21:59

Okay well DJ was right, Dad and Aaron weren’t super embarrassing. Of the staff couples they probably did the least PDA, which was a relief. And they never did anything nearly as mortifying as what DJ said his dad had done—Drew couldn’t help laughing out loud at DJ’s story, but if one of his parents did anything like that he would probably have to transfer or something.

Mostly Aaron seemed to pretend (as much as he could) that Drew wasn’t his stepson in class. No one could accuse Drew of getting any special treatment, because he just didn’t. Dad didn’t see Drew in the context of his job as much as Aaron did—Drew hadn’t gone to the counselor’s office voluntarily—but he treated him like everyone else when Drew did the musicals, and the only time Drew had been called to his office after the thing with Dade and Claudia… well, Drew couldn’t tell how that would have gone for someone else. It could be either way: Dad had let him off easy because he was his son (someone else wouldn’t have gotten that I’m-not-mad-I’m-disappointed look), or he had given him a hard time because he was his son (and someone else wouldn’t have even been called to the counselor’s office in the first place).

The more Drew thought about the Animagus thing, the more he wanted to know what his form was before he committed to the class. It sounded like a lot of work, and he’d only want to do Maybe he could ask Aaron about doing the ritual one summer before he signed up for the class. He wouldn’t want to do the whole project unless his form was worth it. Like, if he was a dragon or something then he totally would.

For a second the thing DJ had said was so outlandish and yet so suitable that it just explained everything. DJ’s parents developed hexes for the military? No wonder Dakota and Remington got along great with him. Not that you could accurately judge someone on their parents (well, okay, Drew might be an exception to that, because he was growing suspicious that he and his dad unfortunately had way more in common than he used to think), but the hex-engineer-parents thing plus DJ being a Draco with an interest in Spellwork pointed toward Remy and Dakota both wanting to get to know him.

“Yeah, sometimes,” Drew said, leaning over the pool table to set up his next shot. If he hit the cue ball into the 13 at just the right angle, it would knock the 1 into the corner pocket without going in itself. “Not so much now that I don’t live in the same place, but during the summer he’ll talk about what he’s working on and show me and my little sister.” Aaron was an amazing teacher, and good at breaking complicated things down so they were easy to understand, but he had a tendency to go off on tangents. Oh, hey, DJ might like to know that. “If you ever want to not do work in Spellwork, just try asking him to explain how something that’s a little related fits in with what you’re learning. You’ll be done for the period.”

He couldn’t help grinning at the House stereotyping. “I wouldn’t put too much in what someone’s House is supposed to say about them. You can end up with two totally polar opposite people in the same House.” DJ and Remy might have a lot in common, but then you got combos like Kit and Darlene, or Drew and Connor. “Like, Ceti are supposed to be mediators and rule-followers, but I’m pretty sure we’ve gotten more detentions total than any other House. Even Aquila,” who were by nature supposed to make trouble. Drew took the shot and both the striped ball and the solid ball went in. “Shoot. You’re welcome,” he told DJ, nodding at the corner pocket.

  • You shouldn't lie to people! - DJ, Sun Dec 9 10:15
    Drew shrugged at his comment about being cool dudes, and DJ laughed. “No one ever thinks their parents are cool. I meant like they don’t seem to be super embarrassing. Like I said my Dad makes Dad... more
    • That’s no fun - Drew, Wed Dec 12 21:59
      • DJ watched as Drew leaned over the pool table and answered his question about McKindy showing him the spells he was working on. "That's cool. My parents are insane. Once a hex is stable they have my... more
        • You go first - Drew, Wed Dec 19 20:08
          “ My parents are insane, ” said DJ, and then described something that did in fact sound insane to Drew. Aaron talked about the spells he worked on, sure, but he didn’t usually have Drew or Madeleine... more
          • Ducks love Goat Milk - DJ, Thu Dec 20 09:40
            Drew stated that Dakota and Remington were not friends. Well, that sucked. It would've been nice to have a friendship group instead of a few scattered friends. Especially since he had learned from... more
            • Nutella is healthy - Drew, Mon Dec 24 10:35
              You could’ve knocked Drew over with a jobberknoll feather. All right, maybe DJ was not a suitable candidate for Second Sane Man, because—well—okay, so it wasn’t that Drew didn’t believe Dade about... more
              • Nutella is made out of cabbage - DJ, Sat Dec 29 23:43
                DJ hadn't thought about how it would come off to Drew that he had taken Dakota's side. After all, DJ had heard her side first. The fourth-year figured Drew was sugar coating things to make smooth... more
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