Katherine Kendrick
Join the club?
Thu Dec 13, 2018 08:41

At the end of the day, Kit had decided that making an official We Hate Elliot Phippen club was probably too much, because even Drew said he wouldn’t join it. Usually Kit could talk Drew into things, but sometimes he was a lamezoid and decided that it wasn’t a good idea, and when Drew decided that it wasn’t a good idea it was usually actually not a good idea. Sometimes Kit went ahead and did the things by herself anyway, and when that happened she usually got in trouble. Sometimes Grandpa Garen would be the one she got in trouble with and sometimes it was Grandpa Aaron and sometimes it was Mom or Dad or even another professor at school, but there was usually trouble at the end of that line. Kit couldn’t possibly imagine what sort of trouble she’d get into just for hating someone who used cuss words, but she supposed it had to be some trouble after all, so she dropped it.

Instead, she’d gotten a bunch of construction paper, glitter glue, and nice pens with different colors and had made signs. She had noticed that a lot of the first years were saying bad words now, and she knew that she needed to stop that in its tracks. Kit had even gone to Myffi because she was Head Girl and Myffi had given her some advice about how to put posters up around the school and stuff like that. So now all that needed to happen was to make posters, and Kit was great at crafting. Like, actually really good. She loved sewing and making things for cosplay, but she also liked drawing and making things with construction paper. She wasn’t as good as Satveer and she didn’t do painting, but she was still pretty good. And pretty good was good enough for informative posters.

NO MORE BAD WORDS screamed one of the posters. Well, not literally screamed. Kit had wanted to make the posters actually scream at some people but not everyone and apparently that spell was really hard and would likely result in her burning her eyebrows off and she totally didn’t want that. According to Grandpa Aaron, anyway. Or at least, the part about how it would burn her eyebrows off was from Grandpa Aaron. The part about how she didn’t want to do that was her. On the other hand, if she didn’t have eyebrows she could draw things on her face instead of eyebrows, which seemed like it could be really fun. There were all sorts of wild things you could do with makeup and Kit was kind of looking forward to the summer, when she could maybe convince Marissa to buy her some. It was like regular art except on your face, and Kit liked art. Dad said makeup was for adults though, and that she didn’t need any yet because she wasn’t an adult.

Which was a total lie because she was more of an adult than Elliot, because she knew not to say bad words, and being that responsible meant that she could be trusted with other things, in her personal very informed opinion.

She had used her grown-up knowledge of bad words that she knew better than to say in order to make another construction-paper poster, this one with a bunch of bad words written in pen and crossed out in glitter glue. It was different than actually saying the bad words because it was for educational purposes, and everyone knew that cussing didn’t count in education. That was the poster that Kit was currently putting up. She had gotten double-sided Spell-o-tape that promised an entire three weeks’ worth of stickiness (which combined with the art supplies had left her almost out of allowance but was totally worth it) and she had put a bunch of the tape on the wal, and was carefully pressing the construction paper against the tape on the wall when someone knocked against her and she dropped the other construction paper posters, which had been tucked under her arm. They flew everywhere, falling upside-up and upside-down, with the upside-up pieces revealing such slogans as “Cussing is bad” and “No Cuss No Fuss” (which Kit had been particularly proud of).

“Do you want to help me?” Kit asked, dropping the Spell-o-tape container in her attempt to scoop up all the construction paper. “I’m doing a campaign, like Myffi.”

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