You're right let's lie to everyone.
Tue Dec 18, 2018 19:06

DJ watched as Drew leaned over the pool table and answered his question about McKindy showing him the spells he was working on. "That's cool. My parents are insane. Once a hex is stable they have my sister Evie, and I try to cast them to set the level. Most are way over my head, but I got a few of them. Not that I'd ever actually use them they can get pretty gnarly." He admitted to the other boy. One had left Dad in the hospital for days after being hit with it with burns all over his body. Mom had tried everything to release the hex, but nothing worked. DJ could still remember Dad's screams when it had hit. "I'll have to use that sometime I'm sure," DJ said turning back his thoughts to what Drew was saying. Listening to McKindy explain anything sounded fascinating to the fourteen-year-old.

Drew was luckier then he knew. DJ wished his parents understood his fascination with Spellwork, but they were such jocks and only care about maiming people. To DJ hexes were barbaric and had no place in their world. Leave the killing and torture to Muggles with their guns.

DJ laughed when Drew stated that the Ceti were rule-followers and had been in detention than any of the other houses. When Drew hit the striped ball into the corner pocket along with solid one, he grinned even wider. "Thanks," he said as he lined up his own shot for the opposite corner and suck two stripe balls in.

"So your friends with Remington and Dakota." He said as he studied the table for a moment trying to find his next shop. "I didn't know they were friends. Neither of them has mentioned it." He mentally reviewed if he had ever mentioned them to each other but couldn't remember if he had ever done so or not. He took a shot and winced as he missed again. The Draco stepped back letting Drew have the table.

  • That’s no fun - Drew, Wed Dec 12 21:59
    Okay well DJ was right, Dad and Aaron weren’t super embarrassing. Of the staff couples they probably did the least PDA, which was a relief. And they never did anything nearly as mortifying as what DJ ... more
    • You're right let's lie to everyone. - DJ, Tue Dec 18 19:06
      • You go first - Drew, Wed Dec 19 20:08
        “ My parents are insane, ” said DJ, and then described something that did in fact sound insane to Drew. Aaron talked about the spells he worked on, sure, but he didn’t usually have Drew or Madeleine... more
        • Ducks love Goat Milk - DJ, Thu Dec 20 09:40
          Drew stated that Dakota and Remington were not friends. Well, that sucked. It would've been nice to have a friendship group instead of a few scattered friends. Especially since he had learned from... more
          • Nutella is healthy - Drew, Mon Dec 24 10:35
            You could’ve knocked Drew over with a jobberknoll feather. All right, maybe DJ was not a suitable candidate for Second Sane Man, because—well—okay, so it wasn’t that Drew didn’t believe Dade about... more
            • Nutella is made out of cabbage - DJ, Sat Dec 29 23:43
              DJ hadn't thought about how it would come off to Drew that he had taken Dakota's side. After all, DJ had heard her side first. The fourth-year figured Drew was sugar coating things to make smooth... more
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