Sadie Embers
Count me in!
Wed Dec 19, 2018 18:30

“Mind your pineappleing business,” Sadie snapped at the portrait as she tried to enter the Recreation Center.

Usually she had fun messing with Alec, but today just wasn’t the day. She’d fallen asleep way too late, which meant she had the hardest time waking up that morning. That made her extra grumpy throughout the day.

Nothing ever happened at this stupid school. It was the same thing every day, and she hated it. Even her grades were starting to be consistently good. It was all so normal and so predictable that she didn’t have to try as hard! Everyone at home made her believe that coming to Rocky Mountain International would be the best choice for her. People called it fun, full of adventure, soaked in mayhem, but NOPE it was the most boring thing.

She’d finally found one of the secret passageways but exploring didn’t even seem worth it anymore. Elliot found it first and Sadie was universally known as a sore loser, so she didn’t wanna go look around. Curiosity still plagued her, though, so after a night of bad sleep and a morning of blah and ugh, she grabbed her swimsuit from her Cetus room and made her way to the Rec Center, where she’d found a secret passageway entrance.

Naturally she got sidetracked by a snark off with Alec Edwards’ portrait, but she was too tired to really do a good job at it. That led to the swearing, which led to Alec telling her that she was the least creative and most inarticulate child he ever had the displeasure to meet, which he’d said before so he was the least creative one, duh.

Anyway the thing that woke her up and totally turned around her entire day wasn’t the romp through the passageways she’d planned.

Around the Rec Center were a bunch of signs about not cursing, and the culprit seemed to be Kit Kendrick. For having so many relatives that intertwined, Sadie knew basically nothing about the older girl. She was hyper, confusing, and had a vendetta against Elliot. Those were the three things she knew for sure, and they were also the only three things she needed to know to realize how much fun she was going to have today, after all. Maybe school wasn’t as predictable as she’d thought.

“A campaign?” Sadie bent down to get the spellotape roll that had landed by her liquid gold colored Nikes. She looked up at the red head with wide brown eyes. Her kinky brown curls were pulled back into a ponytail, making it even harder to ignore how innocent she could look when she tried. “Oh wow, what about? What made you wanna do that?”

  • Join the club? - Katherine Kendrick, Thu Dec 13 08:41
    At the end of the day, Kit had decided that making an official We Hate Elliot Phippen club was probably too much, because even Drew said he wouldn’t join it. Usually Kit could talk Drew into things,... more
    • Count me in! - Sadie Embers, Wed Dec 19 18:30
      • How many of you are there? - Kit, Fri Dec 21 15:56
        A lot of the first years were people who had connections to RMI outside of just going there for school, which made sense because a lot of people had connections to RMI outside of just going there for ... more
        • Just me, but I'm very loud - Sadie, Fri Dec 28 23:12
          “Elliot keeps swearing,” Kit explained. “And you know that only grownups are allowed to swear, but he doesn’t listen when I tell him even though I’m a lot older than him, so now there has to be a... more
          • You'll do, then - Kit, Sun Jan 6 16:36
            Kit was absolutely horrified, but not at all surprised, to hear that Elliot Phippen had been so offensive around her cousin before. She had never felt especially protective of Sadie before but now... more
            • I'll do my best for you! - Sadie, Mon Jan 7 19:54
              It felt impossible to contain her unabandoned glee at the idea of holding a school assembly just to mess with Elliot. Did Rocky Mountain International even have school assemblies? It seemed like a... more
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