Ducks love Goat Milk
Thu Dec 20, 2018 09:40

Drew stated that Dakota and Remington were not friends. Well, that sucked. It would've been nice to have a friendship group instead of a few scattered friends. Especially since he had learned from Dakota that Claudia wasn't gay-friendly and that meant one less friend DJ thought he had made. Thankfully, Claudia hadn't approached him to work together again yet. At every class they shared he made sure to partner up before she could find him in the classroom.

The Draco frowned when Drew told him they used to be best friends and had a falling out. DJ couldn't believe best friends could have a falling out. After all, he and his best friend Tony fought often but had always made up later. Tony had even technically kissed DJ's girlfriend Ella once, but since DJ didn't like Ella, he honestly didn't care if Tony stole the girl now that he was gone.

For the first time since meeting coming to RMI and meeting, Claudia and Dakota DJ felt like he actually got the full story. Sure some of it could have more detail, but it made sense that Dakota had attacked Claudia first and Remington still being friends with Claudia made way more sense. "Does Remington know about Dakota now?" DJ asked. If she did and she still took the side of Claudia in this fight then there was no way DJ could be friends with her sadly. DJ knew how hard it was for gay people and it had to be even worse one was trans.

Uncle Riley and Uncle Seb had made sure to let him know that some people would kill LGBT people. Uncle Seb had escaped some stuffy Pureblood family before marrying Uncle Riley, and sometimes Uncle Seb was terrified for his family. Hell DJ himself had seen the protests when Uncle Riley had taken him to Gay Pride. The signs that stated horrible things about queer people had haunted DJ for years now.

  • You go first - Drew, Wed Dec 19 20:08
    “ My parents are insane, ” said DJ, and then described something that did in fact sound insane to Drew. Aaron talked about the spells he worked on, sure, but he didn’t usually have Drew or Madeleine... more
    • Ducks love Goat Milk - DJ, Thu Dec 20 09:40
      • Nutella is healthy - Drew, Mon Dec 24 10:35
        You could’ve knocked Drew over with a jobberknoll feather. All right, maybe DJ was not a suitable candidate for Second Sane Man, because—well—okay, so it wasn’t that Drew didn’t believe Dade about... more
        • Nutella is made out of cabbage - DJ, Sat Dec 29 23:43
          DJ hadn't thought about how it would come off to Drew that he had taken Dakota's side. After all, DJ had heard her side first. The fourth-year figured Drew was sugar coating things to make smooth... more
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