Just me, but I'm very loud
Fri Dec 28, 2018 23:12

“Elliot keeps swearing,” Kit explained. “And you know that only grownups are allowed to swear, but he doesn’t listen when I tell him even though I’m a lot older than him, so now there has to be a campaign about it.”

Oh, this was pineappling excellent.

It was like the opportunity fell right into her lap. Sadie had to be in exactly the right place - the Recreation Center - at exactly the right time - this time, right now, literally the present - for this. The stars lined up in her favor. Her lucky golden Nikes still worked. Everything was perfect and finally, finally Rocky Mountain International had something fun. She wasn’t bored. The sun was shining in this lame underground school, and she couldn’t be happier.

Sadie managed to mask her happiness in a look of shock, looking horrified at the idea of young ones cursing. “I know! It’s the worst,” she said with genuine concern, “I keep telling him to stop but he doesn’t listen to me.”

Kit reached out for the Spellotape, and Sadie handed it over. They always had lots of spellotape in her house for some reason. It just arrived sometime, a huge box of it, even if they weren’t running out. Her mom never said she ordered it, and she always looked a little annoyed when it appeared. Sadie didn’t mind that much. She liked always having tape around when she needed it. It was weird, but it was just a thing that happened at their place, even after they moved in with Hayden.

“I’d love to help!” Sadie brightly chirped. It was a no-brainer. Of course she was gonna help. It would drive Elliot crazy! Served him right for finding the secret passageways first. “What happens after the posters? Do you have a slogan yet?”

  • How many of you are there? - Kit, Fri Dec 21 15:56
    A lot of the first years were people who had connections to RMI outside of just going there for school, which made sense because a lot of people had connections to RMI outside of just going there for ... more
    • Just me, but I'm very loud - Sadie, Fri Dec 28 23:12
      • You'll do, then - Kit, Sun Jan 6 16:36
        Kit was absolutely horrified, but not at all surprised, to hear that Elliot Phippen had been so offensive around her cousin before. She had never felt especially protective of Sadie before but now... more
        • I'll do my best for you! - Sadie, Mon Jan 7 19:54
          It felt impossible to contain her unabandoned glee at the idea of holding a school assembly just to mess with Elliot. Did Rocky Mountain International even have school assemblies? It seemed like a... more
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