Nutella is made out of cabbage
Sat Dec 29, 2018 23:43

DJ hadn't thought about how it would come off to Drew that he had taken Dakota's side. After all, DJ had heard her side first. The fourth-year figured Drew was sugar coating things to make smooth things over, so DJ didn't go running away from this group of friends screaming.

Also, DJ was a stauch believer in defending oneself. He had seen what could happen when bad things happened to people. Having grown up around military personnel, the Draco had seen the effects of PTSD, and he had heard his own Dad's screams. Before Jonas joined the hex development, he had been on the front lines, and after coming back, he had suffered immensely. Mom now brewed a nightly potion for him that let him sleep peacefully but it still upset DJ thinking about it. He often wondered what kept his Dad up at night, but he never had the nerve to ask.

When Drew stated that Dakota hadn't told Remy yet DJ let out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding. If Remy had known about it and still hung out with a homophobe willingly, DJ would've been forced to sit her down and talk about it. He wouldn't just stop talking to Remy, after all, he hoped that she would one day want to go out on a date with him. But defending homophobes or just racists were a deal breaker. DJ had seen first hand how heartbreaking it could be for gay people, but he also felt the effects of being biracial sometimes. His mom had to talk to him about Muggle police at an early age he knew how it was for boys like him.

"I guess you would say you are between a rock and a hard place huh?" DJ said trying to lighten the mood before his smile faded as he realized something. " I am too." Couldn't anything be easy? Couldn't he just have a cool trans friend in Dakota, date the cute girl with the bows and not worry about the girlfriend he currently had? Gah maybe transferring had been a bad idea.

  • Nutella is healthy - Drew, Mon Dec 24 10:35
    You could’ve knocked Drew over with a jobberknoll feather. All right, maybe DJ was not a suitable candidate for Second Sane Man, because—well—okay, so it wasn’t that Drew didn’t believe Dade about... more
    • Nutella is made out of cabbage - DJ, Sat Dec 29 23:43
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