Everything is better with splashing
Sun Feb 19, 2017 14:32

People who voluntarily went out for Beater were, in Holland’s opinion, a bit insane. Marley hadn’t totally come into it yet, but there was a little spark of madness there, they thought, as the second-year apparently forgot to swim and slipped below the water for a hot second. Holland suddenly felt much better about their swimming abilities. At the very least, they’d managed to keep their head above water and their coral hair dry. Holland had never been especially fond of swimming, partially because of the vulnerability and dysphoria that usually came with the outfits (although that wasn’t a problem with the kneeskin) but mostly because they didn’t like the feeling of water in their nose and ears. The ocean was fascinating—almost as much as space was, between the megafauna and sunken ships and Atlantis—but Holland didn’t much care for being in water.

Hopefully that would change if they became an octopus Animagus.

Holland laughed. “Yeah, I know your name, Marley. We’ve only been playing Quidditch together for months,” they teased, not completely surprised by their teammate’s head-in-the-clouds introduction. Marley was a bubbly person, but distractible.

“You were close on the concept,” they said encouragingly, treading water. “You got the first sound and the location theme, anyway. It’s Holland. No nickname.” Their given name was already gender-neutral, so they hadn’t considered changing it once they’d started presenting as nonbinary. Holland liked the story behind why their parents had picked it; it was unique. And it was cool to share a colloquial name with a country.

Plus their name was only two syllables long; they had no real need for a nickname. Not like you did with a name like Dardanius, for example. “Well, my dad calls me ‘Holls’ sometimes,” they amended, “but not like, on the regular. So basically no nickname.” Mom wasn’t really one for nicknames—she occasionally called Dad his full name instead of just ‘Monty,’ which Holland always thought was the strangest thing in the world—so ‘Holls’ was just a Dad thing.

“Didn’t think anyone would be here,” Holland said, experimentally letting go of the side and swimming closer to the underclasswoman. They had an afternoon free period because they weren’t in Potions, but Holland had thought all the younger years were in class now. “Do you not have class today or something?”

  • It's like a birthday bash, but more fun - Marley, Sun Feb 19 00:35
    Eyes squeezed tightly shut, Marley bubbled underwater. She’d forgotten how satisfying landing was. There was a bit of leftover pain from smacking the water, but the feeling of her self-generated... more
    • Everything is better with splashing - Holland, Sun Feb 19 14:32
      • Everything? That's a risky statement - Marley, Mon Feb 20 01:47
        “Holland!” she echoed brightly. “Awesome.” The way Holland had responsed made her-or-him seem amused that Marley had forgotten his-or-her name. That was good. It was always better when her... more
        • But I stand by it - Holland, Mon Feb 27 23:36
          Marley’s story about her mom using her middle name baffled Holland, whose middle name was used to refer to them about as frequently as gendered pronouns. They didn’t even get “Holland Skylar Keene”d... more
          • Oh, good! I like firm opinions! - Marley , Sat Mar 4 19:55
            She beamed brightly at the birthday wishes. “Thanks! I already ate, like, so much cake today. But none with candles, yet. It doesn’t make sense to blow out candles on your own.” That was the downside ... more
            • Then you came to the right place - Holland, Sun Mar 5 17:07
              Both always was a good way of putting it. Holland had practice explaining what non-binary meant. Once they got to RMI, they had realized it was a good idea to have an elevator speech about their... more
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