You'll do, then
Sun Jan 6, 2019 16:36

Kit was absolutely horrified, but not at all surprised, to hear that Elliot Phippen had been so offensive around her cousin before. She had never felt especially protective of Sadie before but now all of a sudden Kit felt like she wanted to hug Sadie and pat her head and tell her it was going to be okay and then hit Elliot over the head with her Beater’s bat. It was the same sort of way she felt about poor, helpless Darby when Darlene was being mean to him, back before Brewey when she was still evil. Kit was pretty sure that cousins were technically different than pets, but Sadie was littler than her and Danny acted like Kit was a good pet experiment a lot of the time and it was kind of the same thing, even though Kit and Danny weren’t cousins. Kit and Danny could have been cousins, but then he’d started dating Holland instead of Marissa, and Claudia hadn’t wanted to help her get them back together which was totally lame. Danny and Marissa were totally meant for each other, though, and they’d get back together someday, Kit was sure of it.

However, Sadie was now asking about next steps and Kit hadn’t come up with anything beyond the posters. She thought really hard about what sort of things her club would do, other than put up posters about how swearing was bad. Maybe they could have a school assembly, like they’d had about bullying sometimes at Rock Creek Elementary? Bullying and swearing were super close, especially since Elliot was now doing it to innocent people like Sadie. It was Kit’s job to protect the school from that sort of behavior.

“Probably a school assembly,” Kit voiced her thoughts, nodding solemnly to convey their importance. “That way everyone knows that cussing is bad. We can’t say it’s all Elliot’s fault but everyone will know and hate him,” that was a really good point, she hadn’t thought of that part before she’d said it but it was a great idea, “and then he’ll have to stop cussing. Or transfer, I guess, to a mean school that cusses a lot. Probably someplace like Durmstrang,” Kit added. She knew very little about the European schools, or other wizarding schools at all for that matter, but she’d read a comic book once about an evil wizard who totally learned all his evil stuff from Durmstrang. Not everyone who came from Durmstrang was evil because Ruben wasn’t, but Ruben did know some stuff he probably wasn’t supposed to know from school.

Yeah, Durmstrang was probably the sort of place that mean cussers went to, because it was probably on an iceberg in the middle of Russia or something, the best place to put people like Elliot Phippen. Magic schools liked to keep their locations super secret so nobody knew for sure, but the Durmstrang uniform looked like it was the sort of thing you’d wear on an iceberg in the middle of Russia.

“I don’t have one main slogan yet, but you can come up with one if you want!” Kit added, addressing Sadie’s other question with an inclusive smile. It was so great that her cousin wanted to help her fight the plague that was Elliot Phippen’s language problem.

  • Just me, but I'm very loud - Sadie, Fri Dec 28 23:12
    “Elliot keeps swearing,” Kit explained. “And you know that only grownups are allowed to swear, but he doesn’t listen when I tell him even though I’m a lot older than him, so now there has to be a... more
    • You'll do, then - Kit, Sun Jan 6 16:36
      • I'll do my best for you! - Sadie, Mon Jan 7 19:54
        It felt impossible to contain her unabandoned glee at the idea of holding a school assembly just to mess with Elliot. Did Rocky Mountain International even have school assemblies? It seemed like a... more
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