I'll do my best for you!
Mon Jan 7, 2019 19:54

It felt impossible to contain her unabandoned glee at the idea of holding a school assembly just to mess with Elliot. Did Rocky Mountain International even have school assemblies? It seemed like a super Muggle concept, so it would be like a double prank. They’d be messing with Elliot while also confusing a whole bunch of kids who had never been to a school assembly before! If she could get away with messing with Kit and making Elliot’s life harder, it would have been worth coming to RMI. Hell, if she could lump Tycho in there somewhere, too, it’d even be worth coming back for a second year!

“I love school assemblies,” Sadie sincerely remarked, nodding her head enough that her curls bounced around. “I always learn so much. Like, one time, we had this one assembly about dental hygiene and there was a giant tooth who needed help, so a giant toothbrush teamed up with an even bigger thing of dental floss and together, they took down the evil Mr. Plaque and saved the Dental Kingdom! It was super informative. I bet you can write an assembly like that.”

Honestly, Sadie would pay good money to see what Kit would do with the platform of School Assembly. She didn’t know much about her cousin-like person, but she was pretty sure it would be the best kind of mess. Maybe they’d even write a jingle called ‘Don’t Be an Elliot.’

“I don’t have one main slogan yet, but you can come up with one if you want!”

Oh, YES. This was even better. Quick, Sadie, she thought to herself, You gotta think of something! She ran through all the possible curse words she could that Kit might not know. Sadie knew she had to land on a really obscure one for this to work. Thankfully, she’d spent some time around a Cards Against Humanity deck, and sometimes a girl just needed to Google what lots of those cards meant.

“I think I have one,” Sadie said after careful thought. She looked up at Kit, pulling out the best nervous but hopeful expression she could. Kit would probably think that Sadie wanted her approval and was nervous about telling the red-head her idea. Sadie was just hoping Kit didn’t know this curse word. Even if she did, Sadie would just feign ignorance and maybe even cry. “Teens With Appropriate Tongues. Or T.W.A.Ts for short?”

  • You'll do, then - Kit, Sun Jan 6 16:36
    Kit was absolutely horrified, but not at all surprised, to hear that Elliot Phippen had been so offensive around her cousin before. She had never felt especially protective of Sadie before but now... more
    • I'll do my best for you! - Sadie, Mon Jan 7 19:54
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