Marley Chapman
Just swimming laps and doing a think
Tue Mar 12, 2019 22:09

Marley enjoyed swimming, but it wasn’t something she normally did a ton of. There was a public pool near her white grandparents’ home that they used to take her to when she was way younger, except that was ages ago; ever since starting at RMI, she’d only really stayed with her black grandparents and the only water near them was a pond that was totally taken over by Canada geese, and even if she’d wanted to swim in the pond (she didn’t) she wouldn’t have been able to. Geese were cranky birds. Mum had told her a story once about how the assistant she’d picked up in New York had been bitten by a Canada goose, which was just bizarre.

Anyways, although she owned a couple bikinis, she could really only remember recently wearing them for stuff like, suntanning on the roof of her mum’s trailer, or keeping cool while hiking. Y’know, stuff that didn’t involve actually being in the water. But after Claudia’s birthday party, where she’d gotten the chance to spend basically a day on-and-off in her pool (she still couldn’t believe that there were people who had a whole pool in their backyards, like, she got that it existed in general, because the unbalanced riches of capitalism plus living somewhere that wasn’t ice half the time meant a personal pool made sense or something, but it existed among her own friends, and how was that possible, like, what even) Marley had felt an urge to get back into swimming.

This term, Marley had also finally felt the urge to drop History of Magic - or maybe calling it the ability to drop was more appropriate. She’d finally hit the point where going to class and trying to figure out Boot’s assignments was harder to deal with than the guilt of dropping a class after five years instead of continuing to push through for just two more. Dropping History meant that she had a free morning today, which was perfect for some pool time!

Tossing her floral-print towel over the back of a chair at the poolside (drying charms were an option too but there was something comfortable about the habit of wrapping up in a towel after a swim), Marley turned to face the water, a wide grin already spreading across her face. She was tempted to climb up the waterfall to the rocky outcrop that served as a diving platform, but her bikini probably wasn’t the best choice for that (again, sticking charms were an option but there was something inherently very unappealing about bikini-diving in a school setting that threw her off, pun unintended). Instead she just sat down, tucked her legs over the edge of the pool, and went to slide in--

--and immediately reversed track and got back up again, because she was still wearing sunglasses. Just another unnecessary habit in the context of RMI’s indoor pool, but also, a super necessary one. Her bikini was a light minty-green with shiny gold straps tied at her shoulders and hips that of course she’d bought because it reminded her of the Lyra house colours, and her favourite pair of sunglasses - gold-rimmed with rainbow-tinted lenses - topped off her lük perfectly, no sun needed. Chuckling to herself at the mistake, she took a few steps back to leave the sunglasses on her chair, then went to the pool’s edge again, and this time slipped into the water.

A couple laps into her swimming, Marley was reminded of the physical effort of swimming. She had great upper-body strength, duh, but her cardio wasn’t on point, and she probably would need to pause after this next lap to catch her breath. The freshly-denoted returning Beater asserted to herself right then and there that she would take up swimming more regularly this term. Hopefully, if she kept playing well, and developed her cardio too instead of focusing on muscle as she was inclined to do, she might be able to claim the title of Captain next term.

Normally she wouldn’t have minded even the tiniest bit that she hadn’t been named Captain this term; Caleb was a year her senior, after all, and he had a good head for the game and was just a really sweet guy on top of that. However, this year was different, because for some unfathomable reason Connor had decided to join the Cetus team, and for an even more unfathomable reason Coach Reid had picked him for Captain. Which was ridiculous. As far as she knew, Connor had never played Quidditch before, at least not at RMI, and he didn’t deserve to lead a team. Now, Marley wasn't saying she'd take unfair advantage of her skill and position to break a few limbs off the racist queerphobic jerkface, because she was a professional. But she also wasn't saying she wouldn't take aim at him now and then when it was appropriate. Chasers and Captains were the usual prime targets, anyways, and now that he was both....

Her train of thought was interrupted by an outstretched hand smacking into the wall of the pool, and Marley fumbled to wrap her fingers around the ledge. To her great surprise, when she popped her head up from the water it was to see another student staring down at her. “Oh, hey!” It took her a moment to catch her breath, but once she did, she flashed a quick grin. “Didn’t expect to see ya there. You just watching me swim, or…?”

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